Local students qualify for state SkillsUSA

FREMONT — Vanguard Sentinel Career & Technology Centers report that 64 students have qualified to advance to the SkillsUSA Ohio competition set for April 15-17 in Columbus by placing first, second or third in their skill competitions.

A delegation of 130 students and staff members represented the district at the Northwest Ohio Regional Skills USA competition and conference Friday at PENTA Career Center.

“The tradition continues on this year as our students have performed very well at the regional level across all career fields and we are excited about the success they have achieved thus far,” said Superintendent Greg Edinger in a news release. “SkillsUSA and our other career technical service organizations provide exciting opportunities for our students to excel in, not only with a skill in their chosen field, but as leaders and responsible citizens. The results show the hard work and extra effort that our students and staff devote to these opportunities and we are beyond proud of their success.”

The following students placed first in their competitions:

• Emily Anstead, Old Fort, Nurse Assisting Contest, Health Careers Academy 2.

• Isabelle Lewis, Columbian, Prepared Speech Contest, Cosmetology 3.

• Allison Merry, Hopewell-Loudon; Mallary Nielsen, Calvert; and Breanna Stephens, Calvert, Cosmetology 3, Promotional Bulletin Board Contest.

• Joshua Nye, Eric Theis and Nicholas Zoeller, all of New Riegel, Building Construction Trades 1, and Jacob Theis, New Riegel, Electrical Trades 1, TeamWorks No. 2 Contest.

• Gage Burns, Hopewell-Loudon; Alexander Leeth, Mohawk; and Aaron Yerkes, Hopewell-Loudon, Welding & Metal Fabrication 2 students, Welding Fabrication Contest.

• Caden Hoover, Hopewell-Loudon, Automotive Refinishing Tech Contest, Collision Repair Technology 2.

• Hannah Cooper, Columbian, Basic Health Care Skills Contest, Health Careers Academy 2.

• Nicholas Krajewski, Calvert, CNC Milling Contest, Precision Machining 2.

• Noah Borer, Hopewell-Loudon, Collision Repair Contest, Collison Repair Technology 2.

• Briana Chaney, Bridges; Austin Horn, Calvert; Theresa Zeigler, Mohawk, Public Safety 2, Crime Scene Investigation Contest.

• Regan Bower, Hopewell-Loudon, and Analisa Clarke, Upper Sandusky, Cosmetology 2, Esthetics Model No. 2 Contest.

• Ashley Brickner, Hopewell-Loudon, Extemporaneous Speaking Contest, Engineering Technologies & Robotics 1.

• Hailee Andrews , Columbian; Tess Hasselbach, Old Fort; Moriah Love, Seneca East; Hallee Roby, New Riegel, Health Careers Academy students, Health Knowledge Bowl Contest.

• Chloe Gibson, Columbian, Job Skill Demonstration A Contest, Public Safety 1.

• Destiny Parker, Lakota, Medical Terminology Contest, Health Careers Academy 2.

• Hannah Priddy, Fremont, Photography Contest, Digital Media Technologies 2.

• Ryder Gamertsfelder, Clyde, Industrial Motor Control Contest, Electrical Trades 2.

The following students placed second in their competitions:

• Jackalyn Hamilton, Mohawk, Nurse Assisting No. 2 Contest, Health Careers Academy 2.

• Alivia Lucius, Seneca East, Welding Contest, Welding & Metal Fabrication 2.

• Samuel Ickes Jr., Old Fort, Carpentry Contest, Building Construction Trades 1.

• Edward Lucius, New Riegel, CNC Technician Contest, Precision Machining 2.

• McKayla Bowers, Fostoria, Criminal Justice Contest, Public Safety 2.

• Scott Beier II, New Riegel; Brianna Langley, Columbian; Carson Steyer , Old Fort; and Hailey Welly, Hopewell Loudon, Health Careers Academy, Health Knowledge Bowl No. 2 Contest.

• Thomas Moore, Fremont, Industrial Motor Control Contest, Electrical Trades 2.

• Bethany Roberts, Gibsonburg, Basic Health Care Skills Contest, Health Careers Academy 1.

• Camryn Schornak, Fremont, Job Skills Demo Open Contest, Cosmetology 1.

• Cami Caudill, Bishop Hoffman Catholic Schools, Prepared Speech Contest, Criminal Justice 2.

• Brock Firstenberger, Fremont, Electrical Construction Wiring Contest, Electrical Trades 1.

The following students placed third in their competitions:

• Brittany Aldrich, Cara Brown, Colton Company, Bryce Coots, all of Columbian; Joshua Lorann, Mohawk; Chance Mason, TRECA, and Mark Motil, private school, Public Safety Program, Opening & Closing Ceremonies Contest.

• Anthony Nye, New Riegel, Automotive Service Tech Contest, Automotive Technology 1.

• Bryston Smith, Hopewell-Loudon, CNC Turning Contest, Precision Machining 2.

• Logan Appleman, Port Clinton, Basic Health Care Skills Contest, Health Careers Academy 1.

• Maria Perez and Aubrey Davis, both of Fremont, and Baylee Holmes and Sara Hrynciw, both of Clyde, Health Careers Academy, Health Knowledge Bowl B Contest.

• Alyssa Schaffer and Stormy Vallance, both of Fremont, and Edward Ickes, Gibsonburg, Digital Media Technologies 1, Promotional Bulletin Board Contest.

• Darren Ariguez, Port Clinton, Electrical Construction Wiring Contest, Electrical Trades 2.

• Riley Danko, Lakota, Medical Math Contest, Health Careers Academy 2.

• Deven Keim, Lakota, CNC Milling Contest, Engineering Technologies & Robotics 2.

The SkillsUSA championships are competition events showcasing the best career and technical education students in the nation. Contests begin locally and continue through regional, state and national levels. The philosophy of the championships is to reward students for excellence, involve industry in directly evaluating performance and keep training relevant to employers’ needs.