Sycamore mayor gives state of the village address

Anthony Flood was re-elected Tuesday as president of Sycamore Village Council after serving in that capacity last year as well.

Sycamore Mayor Vicky Weininger gave her state of the village address and was enthusiastic about the year to come.

Weininger cited the utility department for adding more street lights downtown and taking the old lights to the parking lot at Veteran’s Memorial Park. She also said he thinks new hires Mikah Ames and Gary Boes will be good for the village.

Fire Chief Rodney Clinger expressed appreciation for Sycamore Telephone Co. for a $1,000 donation for meeting room updates and IGA for stocking the refrigerator with pop. TNT donated pizzas throughout the year.

Clinger announced a donation of $5,581.51 to the fire department from McCutchenville’s feather party.

In other business, council members:

• Announced the purchase of a new dump truck and the cost is to come from the Vehicle Replacement Fund after an $11,500 trade-in credit from the old truck.

• Granted permission to pursue a grant from the Wyandot County Solid Waste District for recycling expansion and new recycling containers.

• Passed an ordinance allocating tax revenue for 2019 with 60 percent to be directed toward the General Fund, 20 percent to the Street Fund, 15 percent to the Storm Sewer Fund and 5 percent to the pool.

• Passed a retroactive $1 per hour raises to Gary Boes and to the EMS billing clerk.

• Granted permission to pursue people who aren’t paying income taxes.