More thefts reported in Seneca Co.

Seneca County Sheriff’s Office has received 12 more reports of thefts and vehicles entered south of Tiffin.

Three reports were received Wednesday evening.

A person at 5898 S. CR 19 reported vehicles were entered overnight. A person at 2403 W. CR 90 reported a vehicle was gone through and a cigarette lighter was taken. And a person at 5567 S. CR 19 reported a spotlight was taken from a truck, according to the sheriff’s office.

Three reports were received Wednesday afternoon.

A person at 6362 S. CR 19 reported steaks were stolen out of a freezer in the garage, and a vehicle was gone through. A person reported a break-in at 3381 W. CR 14. And a man at 2725 W. CR 90 reported his vehicle was ransacked, and he didn’t think anything was taken, according to the sheriff’s office.

Four reports were received Wednesday morning.

A man at 7430 S. CR 19 reported his garage and vehicles were entered, and a man at 7146 S. CR 19 reported his vehicle was entered and change was missing, a sheriff’s office report states.

A person at 660 W. CR 6 reported vehicles were gone through the night before, and a person at 6981 S. CR 19 reported three vehicles were broken into, it states.

A person at 797 W. TR 58 reported early Wednesday morning a garage and vehicles were broken into, and a person at 3247 S. TR 113 reported Tuesday evening a barn was entered, a lock was broken off a door and a vehicle was entered.

Detective Jeff Smith said the incidents remained under investigation, and no arrests had been made Wednesday.

The sheriff’s office had received six reports Tuesday.

A person at West CR 14 and South TR 113 reported a shop was broken into, vehicles were gone through and items were taken. Also, a person at 3132 W. CR 14 reported someone had broken into the garage, a Seneca County Sheriff’s Office report states.

Break-ins also were reported at 3185 W. CR 14 and 3511 W. CR 14, and thefts were reported at 3911 W. CR 14 and 3476 W. CR 14.

A person had reported Monday morning a garage at 3370 S. TR 113 was broken into and vehicles were entered.