Board to increase pay for staff

Seneca County Commissioners approved salary increases for Seneca County Clerk of Court employees Tuesday.

The board approved a $6,465.20 supplemental appropriation to the General Fund upon the request of County Clerk of Courts Jean Eckelberry, who said the increase was important for her employees due to their merit and dedication, retention of the office, retraining and — after conducting a survey of similar offices in and out of the county — learning her employees are underpaid.

Commissioners approved a resolution to award more than $25,000 in grant funds to area historical entities through the Historic Preservation Trust Fund. Charlene Watkins, Seneca Regional Planning Commission executive director, said two new applications have been submitted for projects — St. Paul’s United Methodist Church roof project and Meadowbrook Park’s Redwood Ballroom roof project.

During the board’s work session, commissioners heard from Emergency Management Agency Coordinator Adam Ingram about the importance to take time to think about emergency preparedness as September is National Preparedness Month. Ingram talked about how his office helps during disasters and how everything changed after the terror attacks on Sept. 11, 2001.

“There was a whole community shift,” he said. “It is important to talk to your friends and family about your safety response plans.”

In another matter, Seneca County Museum is to be given a historic marker designation during a ceremony at 11 a.m. Thursday.

Parking across from the Seneca County Commissioner office also was discussed. Commissioners Mike Kerschner and Holly Stacy agreed there needs to be a four-way agreement between the county, Tiffin, East Green LLC and Calvert Catholic Schools before any further decisions are made.

Kerschner also said more accurate cost estimates need to be provided before they move forward with parking.

In other news, commissioners approved:

• A $152 supplemental appropriation to the County Sewer District Fund for travel.

• A $5,804.06 supplemental appropriation to the General Fund and a fund transfer in the same amount from the General Fund to the Note Retirement Fund.

• A $5,302.03 appropriation adjustment within the General Fund, moving unused funds budgeted for the Court of Appeals to pay for other legal expenses.

• A $30,291.40 supplemental appropriation to the Maintenance and Repair Fund on behalf of the county engineer for bridge work.

• A $10,990.78 supplemental appropriation to the Juvenile Program and Service Fund and a $1,000 appropriation adjustment within the General Fund, both on behalf of the county juvenile and probate court.

• A $1,000 supplemental appropriation to the Bascom Sewer Bond Service for a note payment.