TU welcomes incoming ’22 class Friday

PHOTO BY NICOLE WALBY New Tiffin University students are seen being escorted on Miami Street Friday as part of the opening convocation tradition.

Tiffin University’s sixth president welcomed students from the incoming freshman class of 2022 Friday during Opening Convocation, stating they will graduate as different individuals than they are today.

TU President Lillian Schumacher said the university focuses on a different I Care Value each year, with this year’s value being communication.

“These values are what expect from each other and from you,” Schumacher said. “Effective communication is very important.”

During her address, Schumacher also gave words of encouragement to the new students — to focus on yourself, have guts and courage to try something new, take initiative, choose to have a positive attitude and to have big dreams.

“This is your time to decide who you want to be and accomplish what you want to accomplish,” she said.

Executive vice president for enrollment management and student affairs, Jeremy Marinis, said he challenges students to “be bold.”

As his father said to him, Marinis said to never be afraid of failure, nothing comes easy, easy is boring.

“Be an independent thinker,” Marinis said. “Be bold, be unique and just be you.”