Seneca County Fair results, Aug. 1

Board of Directors election

Jackson Township: Hannah Williams.

Liberty Township: Brett Trembath.

Pleasant Township: Zelda Oakleaf.

Scipio Township: Pamela Shock.

Venice Township: Darlene Wagner.

Tiffin City: Phillip Ardner.

At Large Center: Derek Rowe.

At Large North: Joline Humbert.

Senior Fair

Classic tractor

and truck pull

Antique Stock

4,500 Lbs.: 1st, Robert Hall, Tiffin; 2nd, Fred Herner, Willard; 3rd, Don Tabbert, Genoa.

5,500 Lbs.: 1st, Jerrod Lance, Orrville; 2nd, Marin Kahler, Republic; 3rd, Ryan Niedermier, Shelby; 4th, Don Tabbert.

6,500 Lbs.: 1st, Raymond Hall, Tiffin; 2nd, Gene Goshe, Tiffin; 3rd, Heath Hamer, Green Springs.

Semi Modified Tractor

3,500 Lbs.: 1st, Ron Brokaw, Bellville; 2nd, Gary Seasly, Republic; 3rd, Mike Bay, Ottawa Kake; 4th, John Dussel, Bradner; Mike Snyder, North Robinson; 6th, Glen Barrell, Republic.

4,000 Lbs.: 1st, Ron Brokaw; 2nd, Mike Bay; 3rd, Rodney Miller, Republic; 4th, Mike Snyder; 5th, Gary Seasly; 6th, Doug Kern, Bradner.

5,000 Lbs.: 1st and 2nd, Mike Bay; 3rd, Ryan Niedermier; 4th, Rodney Miller; 5th, Ron Brokaw; 6th, Gary Seasly; 7th, Mike Snyder.

5,500 Lbs.: 1st, Eric Baugher, Tiffin; 2nd, Tirey Latham, Kenton; 3rd, Craig Baugher, Republic; 4th, Tim Fisher, Toledo; 5th, Mike Bay.

6,500 Lbs.: 1st, Tirey Latham; 2nd, Eric Baugher; 3rd, Jeff Egbert, Tiffin; 4th, Mike Bay; 5th, David Gerber, Bloomville; 6th, Phillip Niedermier, Tiro.

7,500 Lbs.: 1st, Matt Casey, Cygnet; 2nd, Nathan Wiechman, Woodville; 3rd, Eric Baugher; 4th, Mark Magers, Bellevue; 5th, David Gerber, Bloomville; 6th, Phillp Niedermier; 7th, Tanner Jett, Clyde; 8th, Jim Edmonds, Green Springs; 9th, Andrew Sander, Genoa.


6,500 Lbs.: 1st, Steve Casey; 2nd, Mark Magers.

7,500 Lbs.: 1st, Nathan Weichman; 2nd, Steve Casey; 3rd, Bill Casey, North Baltimore; 4th, Mark Magers.

9,000 Lbs.: 1st, Bill Casey.

12,500 Lbs.: 1st, Brandon Swanton, Sullivan; 2nd, Eli Kinley, Upper Sandusky.

Modified Farm Stock

7,500 Lbs.: 1st, Steve Casey.

9,000 Lbs.: 1st, Alan Huss, Woodville; 2nd, Everette Wilkerson, Defiance; 3rd, Nathan Weakman, Woodville; 4th, Jeremy Haley, Jenera; 5th, Matt Casey.

No Limit: 1st, Nathan Weakman; 2nd, Alan Huss; 3rd, Dave Weibrauch, Jenera.

12,000 Lbs.: 1st, Alan Huss; 2nd, Nathan Weakman; 3rd, Brandon Swanton; 4th, Jeremy Haley; 5th, Eli Kinley.

Light Limited Super Stock

6,250 Lbs.: 1st, John Dannersbach; 2nd, Jake Hoffman; 3rd, Larry Dauch; 4th, Mark Huck; 5th, Mark Cooper.

Gas Truck

Limited Street, 4×4: 1st, Dustin Filliater, Fostoria.

6,500 Cheater Street, 4×4: 1st, Austin Halsey.

Diesel Truck

8,000 Lbs. Work Stock: 1st, Sam Grabel, Bowling Green; 2nd, John George, Genoa; 3rd, Brad Daniel, Tiffin; 4th, Austin Clouse, Tiffin; 5th, Dylan Hoffbauer, McCutchenville; 6th, Bob Clouse, Tiffin; 7th, Trevor Slingwine, Republic; 8th, Tanner Jett.

2.6 Diesel: 1st, Austin Clouse; 2nd, Jeff Rutman; 3rd, Bob Clouse.

Tri county garden tractor pullers

12 hp S/A and 14 hp Sport Stock, Lite 1,000/1,075 Lbs.

1st, Ben Hall; 2nd, Lexi Rader; 3rd, Barry Gerber; 4th, Alex Theis; 5th, Greg Heifner; 6th, Ken Smith; 7th, Chad Strouse; 8th, Steve Harper; 9th, Ken Wright; 10th, Kyle Morris.

14 hp Stock, Lite, 1,00 Lbs.

1st, Jessica Brocwell; 2nd, Rodney Mailoux; 3rd, Norm Lucius; 4th, Darren Mailoux, Ray’s Tractor; 5th, Blake Oney; 6th, Stephen Frank; 7th, Carter Perry; 8th, Billy Ball; 9th, Kyle Cline; 10th, Rylan Morris; 11th, Luke Oney; 12th, Darren Mailoux; 13th, Brett Emminger; 14th, Colton Kidd; 15th, Dan Arthur, Lucas driving.

16 hp S/A, Lite, 1,050 Lbs.

1st, Mark Rader, LU; 2nd, Ryan Frank; 3rd, Billy Ball; 4th, Bryan Schaller; 5th, Tom Schumacher; 6th, Johnny D.; 7th, Ken Smith; 8th, Steve Harper; 9th, Mike Hall; 10th, Wes Ritzler, White; 11th, Greg Heifner; 12th, Wes Ritzler, Red; 13th, Mark Rader, LW; 14th, Claire Hunker.

Open, Lite, 1,100 Lbs.

1st, Ken Lucius, Repeat; 2nd, Corey Gerber, 4500; 3rd, Steve Oney; 4th, Sam Mullins; 5th, Corey Gerber, 4200; 6th, Brandon Perry.

Hot Stock, Lite, 1,000 Lbs.

1st, Colton Kidd; 2nd, John Perry, Cub; 3rd, Abbie Brocwell; 4th, John Perry, Ford; 5th, Justin Perry; 6th, Ray Oney; 7th, Jessica Brocwell; 8th, Brandon Perry; 9th, Dustin Powers; 10th, Cole Perry.

Twin, Lite, 1,100 Lbs.

1st, Chad Rogers; 2nd, Ray Oney; 3rd, Chad Rogers, Black; 4th, Chad Rogers, Deere.

14 hp Stock, Heavy,

1,000 Lbs.

1st, Jessica Brocwell; 2nd, Blake Oney; 3rd, Rylan Morris; 4th, Darren Mailoux; 5th, Adam Morris; 6th, Billy Ball; 7th, Stephen Frank; 8th, Kyle Cline; 9th, Rodney Mailoux; 10th, Colton Kidd; 11th, Luke Oney; 12th, Brett Emminger; 13th, Norm Lucius; 14th, Carter Perry; 15th, Dan Arthur.

16 hp S/A, Heavy,

1,050 Lbs.

1st, Billy Ball; 2nd, Ken Smith; 3rd, Greg Heifner; 4th, Mark Rader, LU; 5th, Wes Ritzler, Red; 6th, Tom Schumacher; 7th, Mike Hall; 8th, Mark Rader, LW; 9th, Bryan Schaller; 10th, Wes Ritzler, White; 11th, Johnny D.; 12th, Claire Hunker; 13th, Steve Harper.

Hot Stock, Heavy,

1,000 Lbs.

1st, Jessica Brocwell; 2nd, Colton Kidd; 3rd, John Perry, Ford; 4th, Abbie Brocwell; 5th, Cole Perry; 6th, John Perry, Cub; 7th, Brandon Perry; 8th, Justin Perry.

Open, Heavy, 1,100 Lbs.

1st, Sam Mullins; 2nd, Brandon Perry; 3rd, Ken Lucius, Smoker.