Attica Fair results, Aug. 10

Beef Department

Purebred Beef Breeding

Senior Heifer: 1st, Emma Gurney, Attica Dairy.

Junior Yearling Heifer: 1st, Lauren Bogner, Eastern County Livestock.

Senior Yearling Heifer: 1st, Emma Gurney.

Champion: Emma Gurney with Senior Yearling Heifer; Reserve: Lauren Bogner with Junior

Yearling Heifer.

Cow/Calf: 1st, Emma Gurney.

Champion Overall Beef Cow: Emma Gurney.

Crossbred Beef Breeding

Junior Heifer: 1st, Ella Martin, Republic Rowdy Rednecks; 2nd, Emma Burnside, Circle E Beef.

Summer Yearling Heifer: 1st, Caleb Mahl, Roots and Wings.

Junior Yearling Heifer: 1st, Hillary Bogner, Eastern County Livestock; 2nd, Emma Burnside; 3rd, Kase Bogner, Eastern County Livestock.

Champion: Ella Martin with Junior Heifer; Reserve: Hilary Bogner with Junior Yearling Heifer.

Champion Overall Beef Heifer: Emma Gurney with Purebred Senior Yearling Heifer; Reserve: Ella Martin with Crossbred Junior Heifer.

Dairy Steers

Champion: Luke Reinhart, Bloomville Beef and Feeders; Reserve: Cheyenne Belcher,

Bloomville Beef and Feeders.

Beef Steer

Champion: Abby Waldock, Bloomville Beef and Feeders; Reserve: Ella Martin.

Overall Grand Champion Steer: Abby Waldock; Reserve: Ella Martin.

Seneca County Cattleman’s Locally Grown Award

1st, Clayton Fredritz, Bloomville Good Luck Sheep, with Beef Feeder.

Beef Breeding/Steer Showmanship

Junior: 1st, Cheyenne Belcher; 2nd, Kase Bogner.

Intermediate: 1st, Ella Martin; 2nd, Emma Burnside; 3rd, Lauren Bogner.

Senior: 1st, Wyatt Holman, Seneca East FFA; 2nd, Abby Waldock; 3rd, Luke Reinhart.

Super: 1st, Emma Gurney; 2nd, Wyatt Holman; 3rd, Ella Martin.

Skills Test

Beginner: 1st, Ella Martin.

Intermediate: 1st, Luke Reinhart.

Senior: 1st, Emma Gurney.


Beef Feeders

Champion: Clayton Fredritz; Reserve: Luella Burkholder, Republic Rowdy Rednecks.

Dairy Feeders

Champion: Camryn Lantz, Bloomville Beef and Feeders; Reserve: Kayden Neff, Circle E Beef.

Dairy/Beef Feeders

Champion: Caroline Kagy, Bloomville Beef and Feeders; Reserve: Jaidyn Kagy, Republic

Rowdy Rednecks.


Junior: 1st, Jaidyn Kagy; 2nd, Clayton Fredritz; 3rd, Trey Miller, Eastern County Livestock.

Intermediate: 1st, Caleb Mahl, Roots and Wings; 2nd, Katrina Kagy, Bloomville Beef and Feeders; 3rd, Sayge Miller, Eastern County Livestock.

Senior: 1st, Emma Gurney; 2nd, Kim Tuck, Bloomville Good Luck Sheep; 3rd, Elijah Heal, Seneca East FFA.

Super: 1st, Emma Gurney; 2nd, Morgan Cleveland; 3rd, Caleb Mahl.

Skills Test

Beginner: Brycen Lantz, Bloomville Beef and Feeders.

Intermediate: 1st, Grace Manning, Eastern County Livestock.

Senior: 1st, Jordyn Lease Bloomville Beef and Feeders.


Breed Best of Show and Best Opposite Sex (BOS)

American: Elijah Gilbert, 4-H Guys and Gals.

California: Autumn Enders, Republic Rowdy Rednecks; BOS: Autumn Enders.

Champagne D’Argent: Elli French, Bloomville Good Luck Sheep; BOS: Elli French.

Dutch: Summer Oldham, Roots and Wings.

Dwarf Hotot: Cammie Dorris, Roots and Wings.

English Lop: Wyatt Young, Victory 4-H.

Harlequin: Elli French; BOS: Elli French.

Holland Lop: Lauren McClure, Republic Rowdy Rednecks; BOS: Katrina Williams, Roots and


Jersey Wooly: Brayden Prenzlin, Dandelion Dreams.

Lionhead: Ariel Gilbert, 4-H Guys and Gals; BOS: Savannah Thompson, Roots and Wings.

Mini Lop: Madison Norman, Roots and Wings; BOS: Noah Cassell, Roots and Wings.

Mini Rex: Caron Pierce, Bloomville Busy Beavers; BOS: Carlene Fredritz, Bloomville Good Luck Sheep.

Mixed Breed: Kaden Ball, Bloomville Good Luck Sheep.

Netherland Dwarf: Madison Enders, Eastern County Livestock; BOS: Madison Enders.

New Zealand: Autumn Enders; BOS: Autumn Enders.

Polish: Julia Enders, Republic Rowdy Rednecks.

Rex: Trenton Young, Victory 4-H.

Satin: Lance Cole, Bloomville Good Luck Sheep; BOS: Lance Cole.

Champion: Autumn Enders with New Zealand; Reserve: Autumn Enders with California.

Meat Pen

Champion: Lance Cole; Reserve: Autumn Enders.


Junior: 1st, Jordyn Enders, Republic Rowdy Rednecks; 2nd, Julia Enders; 3rd, Vincent French, Bloomville Good Luck Sheep.

Intermediate: 1st, Katrina Williams; 2nd, Kyle Hoepf, Roots and Wings; 3rd, Ashlee Zender,

Bloomville Good Luck Sheep.

Senior: 1st, Autumn Enders; 2nd, Brayden Prenzlin; 3rd, Cammie Dorris.

Super: 1st, Autumn Enders; 2nd, Madison Norman; 3rd, Elli French.

Wednesday Kids Pedal Pull

Weight Classes

25-35 Lbs.: 1st, Leah Newell; 2nd, Tanner Scherley; 3rd, Kylie Toney.

36-45 Lbs.: 1st, Nora Newell; 2nd, Easton Scherley; 3rd, Genevieve Price.

46-55 Lbs.: 1st, John Reer; 2nd, Lucas Pifher; 3rd, Colt Weaver.

56-65 Lbs.: 1st, Avery Schwab; 2nd, Carly Fortney; 3rd, Madalynn Watson.

Cooking Show Prize Winners

1st, Tanya Beard, Infra Red BBQ Grill.

2nd, Scott Dorris, Firepit Grill.

3rd, Ruth Kagy, Electric Grill.


Seneca East Public Library.

Attica Area Historical Society.

Display by Robert Shade.

Shabby Chic presented by Attica Community Garden Club.

Seneca East Tigers School Booth.

2018 Fairbook Cover Contest. Winner was Hunter Rathburn, Grade 4.