Fair board gets ready for opening day

“Thirteen days!” became both a motto and the comic relief during Tuesday night’s Seneca County Fair Board meeting.

The meeting was lined with numerous items to be checked off before the Seneca County Fair’s opening July 23, including some new rules and signage, additional animal pens and event proceedings. Fair week is to kick off with the opening ceremony at 8 a.m. July 23 accompanied by traditional cannon fire, to be followed by six days of events ending July 29.

In keeping with tradition, the grounds were inspected by Tiffin Fire Rescue Division Monday, which is to return to inspect vendors intending to set up for the week.

Golf cart inspections were the next order of business, as safety regulations are to cause fair board members and staff to discourage the indiscriminate use of fast-moving golf carts and all-terrain vehicles/utility vehicles throughout the fairgrounds. Additionally, people 18 years and older and fair board participants 16 years old with valid licenses are encouraged to provide insurance with their golf carts/vehicles. Inspections are to take place 9 a.m.-5 p.m. July 21-22, giving prospective golf cart/ATV/UTV operators the opportunity to know if their vehicles will be allowed.

In related news, it was announced that 50-cent rides are to return this year.

In another matter, Sisters in Shelter, partnered with the sisters of St. Francis, is to have an event educating the public on human trafficking in local areas Monday evening.

Lastly, $10,000 was donated by the Seneca County commissioners toward swine for the Junior Fair Board, to be applied twice, totaling $20,000.

In other news:

• Election petitions are due at noon July 22.

• New computers and network updates are to be installed following the this year’s fair.

• Signs prohibiting smoking in front of buildings and in grandstands are to be posted.