Dress code changes top Old Fort board meeting

OLD FORT — A larger than normal crowd gathered for Monday’s Old Fort board of education meeting to hear about potential changes to the dress code.

Of the possible changes, nearly all updates to the dress code were more lenient than previously, with a notable example being the allowing of sweatpants with cuffed legs, which now are not permitted. The exception to this is the newly proposed rule to disallowing non-natural hair colors. Many were in favor of the changes, but concerns over the representation of both sides of the discussion, combined with the absence of two board members, prompted a delay of voting until the board felt a more complete picture could be drawn.

The decision to uphold the current dress code or to amend it is expected to be made in a special meeting within the next month or at the next board meeting in August.

In another matter, the board heard an update on the migrant school program, the district’s last major undertaking before the 2019 school year begins in August.

Enrollment in the migrant school dwarfs previous expectations as 65 students are in attendance. Following a positive review in a visit by representatives from the state of Ohio, Old Fort is to remain a migrant school host — one of only five left in the state once Lakota and Woodmore are to discontinue their programs following the conclusion of the summer.

Following the financial report, the major up-and-coming cost investment for the school is considerations over improvements to the baseball field. The priority is to remove the grass infield to provide a more consistent experience to what players are used to. The addition of dugouts, which are projected to cost more than $20,000 each, also is under consideration, but only after gaining additional construction quotes.

The improvements are expected to be applied to the softball field the following year.