Panel may go to single trash hauler

GREEN SPRINGS — Green Springs Village Council heard a resident’s concerns regarding the condition of the alley behind her home during their meeting Monday night.

Kathleen Morris she lives on South Broadway Street (SR 19), and said some people on her street elect to put their trash in front of their properties while others place it in the alley behind the homes. One neighbor also uses the alley to bring his semi tractor home when not in use.

Village Administrator John Miller said this excessive weight breaks down the base of the alley as it buckles under the heavy vehicles. Miller said he was planning on having the alley milled down and have stone compacted before making pavement repairs.

Mayor Adam Greenslade suggested an ordinance that would prohibit commercial truck traffic, except in the central business district. Because some residents do not have access to the main road in front of their home due to steep embankments or other obstacles, council decided to have Miller and Police Chief Charlie Horne create a list of potential alleys to list in the ordinance by the next meeting.

Because garbage trucks cause much of the damage to alleys and side streets, some council members suggested entering into a contract with one hauler for residents in the village. This would prevent garbage trucks operated by various providers from driving on the same streets each day. Greenslade also indicated that all residents probably would receive a better rate through the village’s contract. Horne said customers in Tiffin pay only about 66 percent of what the average Green Springs resident must pay for trash services.

Village Solicitor Rick Palau said he would draft an ordinance to designate a common trash hauler and present it to council at the next meeting.

Miller also reported that the East Adams Street project was nearing completion and said he would be able to start using the new equipment in the water tower later this week.

Council is to meet at 7 p.m. June 18.