What riders had to say

Members of American Coaster Enthusiasts showed up early Wednesday to be among the first passengers on Steel Vengeance. All had high marks for the revamped coaster.

• Michael Roberts, of Cuyahoga Falls, said he arrived at 5 a.m. and had made five rides Wednesday, with intentions of going around again. Although “not a huge fan” of the “rough ride” of the Mean Streak, Roberts said its rebirth is as different as night and day.

“I would say Cedar Point has hit a home run with this astounding combination of thrills, a very smooth ride experience but also very intense. It has very powerful negative G’s … It’s a fine addition (to the park),” he said

Having ridden 213 coasters across the country, Roberts called Steel Vengeance the biggest and best of “all the hybrids.”

• Sara and Jack Springer, of Strongsville, have a condominium four miles from the park. On Media Day, Cedar Point admits them as “friends of the park” who can give interviews to reporters and talk to fans. The Springers had made six rounds on Steel Vengeance, with plans to try a few more times.

“We use roller coasters as stress relief,” Jack said.

Sara said they work long hours together in their own business. The couple said they have been Cedar Point season pass holders for more than 25 years because it is “a value” that pays for itself in three visits. Jack said the coasters are a way for them to relax.

“So last year, we went to Cedar Point 25 times,” Sara said.

Jack described the Mean Streak as “a back breaker” and was pleased with its “out of control” transformation. Sara admired all its high-speed dives and twists.

“The biggest thing is, it’s smooth,” she added.