Ballot set for May primary

Candidates and issues for the May 8 primary election were certified by the county board of elections and are to appear on the ballot.

According to information from Seneca County Board of Elections, signatures on petitions were checked and all paperwork was approved. The deadline for petitions was 4 p.m. Feb. 7.

In the race for the 88th Ohio House District, Republican State Rep. Bill Reineke is to run unopposed in his party’s primary.

In the Democratic primary for the same position, Rachel Crooks, a Green Springs native who lives in Tiffin and works at Heidelberg University, has no opposition in her party’s race.

Seneca County Commissioner Mike Kerschner is the lone candidate for the Republican nomination for his position. He seeks a second term.

Cheryl Radin-Norman, who moved to Tiffin in 2011, is the only candidate in the Democratic primary.

Seneca County Auditor Julie Adkins was the only person to file a petition for her position. Adkins is seeking a third term, after running unopposed in 2010 and 2014.

The following levies and issues are to appear on the ballot after certification Tuesday:

• A five-year, 0.25-percent income tax levy in Tiffin that would fund maintenance of roads and bridges. Residents rejected the proposal in November.

• A five-year, 5-mill levy for police protection and emergency medical services in Attica.

• A five-year, 0.75-mill levy for park operation in Attica.

• A three-year, 2.54-mill renewal levy for Arcadia Local School District.

• A 10-year, 4.2-mill renewal levy for Tiffin City School District.

• A five-year, 1.75-mill renewal levy for Dorcas Carey Public Library.

The following candidates were certified for the ballot for the county Republican party’s central committee:

• Mary L. Bordner, Adams Township.

• Ronald R. Burns, Hopewell A.

• Brian L. Courtney, Tiffin 4-C.

• Linda Davis, Bettsville Village.

• Jean A. Eckelberry, Scipio Township.

• Jim Ehrman, Fostoria 1-A.

• Adams A. Engle, Tiffin 2-A.

• Amy Kerschner, Tiffin 4-A.

• Mike Kerschner, Clinton C.

• Charles Knight, Fostoria 4-A.

• Rebecca L. Orians, Hopewell B.

• David Koehl, Tiffin 4-B.

• Mark P. Leahy, Tiffin 3-A.

• Daryl M. McDonald, Tiffin 2-C.

• Paulette J. Miller, Tiffin 3-C.

• Michael Oberlander, Republic.

• Sharon A. Rigby, Clinton E.

• Jim Roberts, Tiffin 1-B.

• Logan Shackleford, Fostoria 3-B.

• Holly Stacy, Pleasant Township.

• Debora Wilkinson, Clinton D.

• David N. Wright, Reed Township.

• Harvey S. Yocum, Tiffin 3-D.

• Susan Platt, Loudon South.