NR board organizes for new year

NEW RIEGEL — New Riegel Board of Education appointed Rodney Biggert and welcomed Jaclyn Schalk to the board at Thursday’s meeting. Beth Kummerer was elected president of the board and Jeff Hohman was elected vice president. The board is to continue to meet at 7 p.m. in the library on the second Monday of each month.

Committee assignments include Hohman, legislative; Stephanie Reinhart, Vanguard-Sentinel; Jaclyn Schalk, athletic council; Biggert, finance; and Kummerer, student achievement.

Superintendent Dave Rombach reported Mays Consultants shut down construction until April due to weather conditions. A 30-day extension is justified, he said. All construction materials are to be removed and the parking lot cleared until construction resumes.

Rombach is to pursue a $8,416 OSS Solid Waste District grant for the purchase of ballfield bleachers. The district is to provide 20-percent matching funds.

The district is to be using the One Call system in the next few weeks to issue alerts for parents, students and staff. The system is able to send instant phone calls, text messages and emails. The district is to use existing contacts to start, but families will be able to make additions at a later time.

The district is to begin using Final Forms software, which digitizes athletic and school related forms. The softball program is to test the program this spring and with all teams next fall.

Rombach said the first day of the 2018-19 school year is set for Aug. 22 and the final day is May 23, 2019, with graduation May 26, 2019.

High school principal Justin Johnson announced that next, students in 9-12 grades are to be eligible to earn academic letters for each semester that they achieve at least 3.25 grade-point average. More opportunities for earning honors diplomas are to be offered for the class of 2019.

In other news, the board:

• Approved an agreement with Owens Community College for College Credit Plus in 2018-19.

• Approved an additional contract with Robson Forensic as a consultant in the ongoing litigation to perform a document review, and site inspection not to exceed $5,000.

• Approved additional service fees to Mays Consulting and Evaluation Services not to exceed $20,000.

• Approved alternative tax budget for July 1-June 30, 2019.