Nearing the end

Parts for justice center cupola arriving today

One of the final pieces of the Seneca County Justice Center construction project is scheduled to arrive at the site this morning.

According to a release from Seneca County commissioners, pieces of the cupola tower are to be delivered in several trucks coming from Utah at about 7 a.m. today.

A cupola is the structure at the top of a building, often used to provide a lookout or to admit light and air. It usually crowns a larger roof or dome, the release states.

The cupola frame is to be encased in white aluminum. Once the 51.5-foot-tall element is added to the building, the height of the justice center is to be just more than 125 feet.

The base of the cupola is about 22 square feet, while the clock tower section is about 17 square feet. The diameter of the cupola’s four clock faces are 7 feet.

The assembly of the cupola is to last two weeks and is to include lighting installation. When the building opens, the building facade, cupola facade and a statue of Lady Justice on top of the cupola are to be illuminated.

Seneca County commissioners are targeting Jan. 29 as the date for the cupola and Lady Justice to be added to the building.

More information about the arrival of the statue is expected next week.

Lady Justice is a custom-made, 11-foot, 2,500-pound structure.

A similar statue was present in Seneca County in the past, but was removed.

Several local leaders and residents have teamed up with Tiffin Historic Trust to raise $60,000 to bring the statue back to the county.

State Rep. Bill Reineke, R-Tiffin, penned a letter to encourage local financial support for it.

In the letter, Reineke states the new building will be a “focal point” of downtown revitalization and signify the judicial work accomplished in the building.

“Lady Justice is one of the most recognized symbols of American justice,” he states. “She is most often depicted as wearing a blindfold to signify that justice should be blind and impartial, holding scales to represent the weighing of evidence and carrying a sword to stand for punishment.”

Reineke states that the statue is to be a beautiful symbol for decades.

“Please join me and others in supporting this cause and being part of the legacy we leave for future generations of Seneca County residents and visitors,” he states.

As of Thursday evening, nearly $17,000 had been raised for the project through an online fundraiser. The money raised is to be added to about $30,000 allocated from special project funds of local judges and other private donations.

According to the fundraiser’s GoFundMe page, donors who contribute $250 or more will be acknowledged on a plaque inside the justice center.

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