Record breaker

Tiffin man eats Chipotle for 426 days

PHOTO BY JILL GOSCHE Bruce Wayne raises his fist Saturday morning as he breaks the known record of consecutive days eating Chipotle. To view more photos from this event, visit

A manager at Tiffin’s Chipotle says she has a lot of respect for people who set goals in life — no matter how big or small.

Sarah Phoenix, service manager for Tiffin’s Chipotle restaurant, also respects Bruce Wayne, a Tiffin man who broke the known record of consecutive days eating Chipotle.

“He’s an awesome dude,” she said.

Phoenix said she has served Wayne often and eats with him in the restaurant if she’s working. She said she thinks every person at Chipotle has somewhat of a personal connection with him.

If Wayne sets his mind to something, he will achieve it, Phoenix said.

“(I) never doubted him whatsoever,” she said.

Saturday’s meal that broke the record — No. 426 — was a chicken quesarito, a melted quesadilla wrapped as a burrito.

“Wow, that’s good,” he said after he took his first bite of the record-breaking meal.

Wayne said he does not have plans to stop eating Chipotle daily any time soon.

When he found out Tiffin was getting a Chipotle restaurant, he looked at websites about the restaurant.

“I wanted to know more about their food,” he said.

Wayne found information about a Chipotle challenge involving eating burritos as fast as one could and information about eating its food on consecutive days. As soon as he saw the record number of consecutive days one had eaten Chipotle — 425 — he pointed to his computer screen.

“That’s it. That’s me,” he said.

Wayne said he committed to breaking the record at that moment. He started the streak in Findlay’s restaurant Oct. 31, 2016.

There was a special that day allowing diners in costume to receive a meal for $3. Wayne, who dresses as Batman for community events, donned his gear.

Wayne drove to Findlay every day for about two weeks before Tiffin’s restaurant opened in November 2016.

Chipotle is closed four days a year. On the day before the closure, he purchases two meals to ensure he has one for the next day.

The restaurant opened early Saturday morning and gave free food to everyone who was there to celebrate with Wayne.

He was greeted by a noisemaker and was given flowers and a Batman wall hanging. Chipotle’s staff gave him a cape, mask and arm bands.

“I did it for diet reasons and that small competitive side. … It is amazing what happens when you take something good and put it out there for the world to see,” Wayne said.