GS council seeking new members

Members of Green Springs Village Council heard Monday night that the village will not have meetings during January. While Mayor Adam Greenslade had indicated recently that this would be happening, Village Solicitor Rick Palau confirmed the board will not able to meet in January due to lack of quorum.

As previously discussed, Councilmen Jeremy Stokes and Nate Morrison did not turn in petitions to run for reelection, so their seats will be vacant starting in January. Then, new council members Angela Bliss and Bill Young were not appointed to council in time to run for re-election to maintain their seats.

Palau said the Ohio Revised Code states council would not be able to appoint new council members proactively because someone cannot legally be appointed until a vacancy occurs. Since there won’t be enough members for quorum after four vacancies are created, the law states the mayor may appoint members 30 days after the vacancies.

Even though council members showed an interest in being proactive to continue to be able to operate as normal, Palau said council will not be able to do this and will have to wait until Greenslade can appoint new members. Council meetings are to resume in February. Those wanting to serve on council should send a letter of interest to the mayor’s office.

Young said he is to attend a meeting to learn about the Seneca County Park District’s new grant program for improvements in village parks. Greenslade said some projects that could benefit from the grant include a shed to store equipment for children’s sports leagues or home run netting for the ball fields.

Greenslade said Toledo Edison had been planning on donating some used poles for the home run netting, but the company was forced to cut the poles off to speed up the process of transferring the lines over to new poles on East Adams Street. He said he would continue to reach out to the utility on the possibility of acquiring other poles.

Council also approved:

• An ordinance to place all full-time village employees on a longevity pay scale.

• A resolution approving temporary appropriations for 2018.

Council has moved its regular meeting to Dec. 19 at 5:30 p.m. The brief meeting is to include review of employee health plans for 2018.