Upper Sandusky stages production


Upper Sandusky High School Drama students (from left) Laura Stauffer (Willow), Lucy Smith (Macy), Mitchell DeWitt (Ronnie), Ian Cameron (Chett) and Joey Verdugo (Marty), try to make it out of high school alive as zombies invade during the Upper Sandusky High School Drama Department production of “Not Your Average Zombie Apocalypse” at 7:30 p.m. today and Saturday and at 2:30 p.m. Sunday.

Tickets are $7.

After a science fair project goes awry, zombies begin to take over Eastdale High. There are zombies in math, gym, dance, even drama class and all of them are hungry for brains. Now it is up to five students — the nerd, the jock, the popular girl, the rebel and the social outcast — to work together to come up with a cure and find a way to survive.

Cast members include Leah Crawford (Ms. Stacey); Clay Burger (Brad); Olivia Barth (Tina); Allie Kramer (Beth); Grace Sayre (Amy); Kara Frey (Gladys); Christin Schwiebert (Catarina); Kyle Snowden (Hubert); Nick Clark (Gregory/Sarge); Brett Bianchi (Simon); Paige Finscally (Principal/Police Operator); Braden Cano (Student No. 1); Lyla Gill (Student No. 2); Emma Swihart (Student No. 3); Hally Courtad (Student No. 4); Katie Homburg (Hall Monitor); Summer Jordan (Drama Teacher); Nate McMillan (Gym Teacher); Brandi Elliott (Math Teacher); Katie Cole (Dance Teacher); Eve Smith (Billie Joe); Jenna Rodriguez (Sophie); Molly Smith (Karen Zombie/Sign Girl); Michael Phillips (Boy); Gabi Gobs (Girl); Miranda Donnell (Pizza Delivery Person); Keaton Messmer (Zombie 1); and Audrey Swavel (Felicity). Students and zombies are played by Kayla Johnson, Hannah Johnson, Ashton Moore, Caleb Duress, Brayzin McDaniel, Mary Overton, Angel Baker, Kayleigh Gobs, Lexi Ricker, Lia Barth, Misty Taylor and Gavin Field.

Crew members are Dalton Bunker, Katie Clark, Abigail Davidson, Natalie Dyer, Makayla Field, Amy Frey, Hannah Frey and Keyanna Kail.