Township races: Moyer, Distel win in Clinton; Shellhouse, Ziegler in Eden

Several candidates for township trustee were able to celebrate victories Tuesday night.

The unofficial results include absentee and Election Day ballots, but do not include provisional ballots.

Clinton Township

According to unofficial information from Seneca County Board of Elections, the race for Clinton Township trustee was won by Dennis E. Moyer and Jim Distel. Moyer earned 788 votes, or 37.98 percent of the total cast, while Distel received 645 votes, or 31.08 percent.

Distel edged out Dennis Kingseed by three votes.

Eden Township

In the race for Eden Township trustee, Verne Shellhouse and David Ziegler were awarded seats.

Shellhouse received 389 votes, or 34.64 percent, while Ziegler received 364 votes, or 32.41 percent.

Christopher Fry and Bill Wise earned 186 and 184 votes, respectively.

Jackson Township

In the race for Jackson Township trustee, Richard Findley and Stephen Naderer won seats. Findley received 241 votes, or 41.41 percent, while Naderer earned 217 votes, or 37.29 percent.

Dottie Colbert received 124 votes.

Loudon Township

In the race for Loudon Township trustee, Jason Painter and Kevin Reinhart won seats. Painter received 362 votes, or 38.19 percent, while Reinhart earned 345 votes, or 36.39 percent.

Andrew Brose received 241 votes.

Pleasant Township

In the race for Pleasant Township trustee, William Biller and David Kingsborough won seats. Biller received 267 votes, or 43 percent, while Kingsborough earned 201 votes, or 32.37 percent.

Craig Mellott received 153 votes.

Reed Township

In the race for Reed Township trustee, Gerald Miller and David N. Wright won seats. Miller received 152 votes, or 36.1 percent of votes, while Wright earned 113 votes, or 26.84 percent.

Raymond Roth received 86 votes and Korey Newell earned 70.

Scipio Township

In the race for Scipio Township trustee, Dale A. Laibe and Bradley Bowerman won seats. Laibe earned 283 votes, or 42.24 percent of votes cast, while Bowerman received 282 votes, or 42.09 percent.

Matthew Potts received 105 votes.

Adams Township

In the uncontested race for Adams Township trustee, David Carrothers and Bret Cleveland won their election bids.

Carrothers received 211 votes and Cleveland earned 187.

Big Spring Township

In the uncontested race for Big Spring Township trustee, Anthony Faeth and Stephen Schalk won their election bids.

Schalk received 303 votes and Faeth earned 296.

Bloom Township

In the uncontested race for Bloom Township trustee, Ronald E. Fry and Troy Kagy won their election bids.

Fry received 262 votes and Kagy earned 236.

Hopewell Township

In the uncontested race for Hopewell Township trustee, Richard J. Gosche and Lori Zoeller won their election bids.

Zoeller received 536 votes and Gosche earned 481.

Liberty Township

In the uncontested race for Liberty Township trustee, Joseph Kimmet and Jeffrey Lynch won their election bids.

Kimmet received 409 votes and Lynch earned 380.

Seneca Township

In the uncontested race for Seneca Township trustee, James Faber and James L. Kingseed won their election bids.

Kingseed received 272 votes and Faber earned 214.

Thompson Township

In the uncontested race for Thompson Township trustee, Bill Daniel and Troy Warner won their election bids.

Daniel received 208 votes and Warner earned 177.

Venice Township

In the uncontested race for Venice Township trustee, Kenneth Kochel won his election bid.

Kochel received 372 votes.

One spot needs to be appointed because only one candidate ran for the two available positions.