TU plans naturalization event

Tiffin University is to be the host to about 90 immigrants Oct. 25 for a naturalization ceremony.

The ceremony is to be conducted by the United States District Court Northern District of Ohio. The ceremony is to be presided over by the Hon. Jack Zouhary, U.S. judge, Northern District Court of Ohio.

“This is a significant part of our U.S. history and the fabric of us as a country; we began our roots as a melting pot,” TU President Lillian Schumacher said. “It’s a ceremonial example of who we are as a country. These individuals have worked hard to become part of us.”

Naturalization is the legal — and instrumental part of the — process through which a foreign citizen can become a U.S. citizen. To be naturalized, an applicant first must be qualified to apply for citizenship. He or she then must complete written paperwork, attend an interview, and pass an English and civics test. Once these steps are completed, the applicant takes an oath of loyalty and becomes a citizen.

“It aligns most perfectly,” Schumacher said in reference to the values and guiding principals she has spearheaded for the university. “It is a great example of what our institution aspires to emulate. We are proud to be a welcoming community of individuals who make up the fabric of our country; individuals who are unique in their own right but love the U.S. And have proven that they are part of our amazing country – the land of the free and the home of the brave.”

More than 1,000 guests are to witness the ceremony. Community members are invited to attend.

Schumacher and TU Provost Peter Holbrook are to welcome the applicants.

Guest speaker for the event is Sami Mejri, a naturalized U.S. citizen native to Tunisia and TU professor.

A live stream of the ceremony can be viewed at www.tudragonradio.com.