Justice center opening date changed

Seneca County Justice Center Leadership Team members revised their expected move-in date for the new building Thursday afternoon.

Commissioner Mike Kerschner suggested setting March 1 as a tentative date to open the Seneca County Justice Center to the public.

“Maybe it’s a bit of an under-promise,” he said. “I really think March 1 gives everybody enough time. I hope it turns to Feb. 15.”

Seneca County Common Pleas Court Judge Steve Shuff agreed.

“The previous moving schedule is voided, it’s overruled,” he said.

During a meeting last month, the leadership group discussed moving into the first floor of the new building Jan. 8. The previous schedule would have had each floor getting one week to move in with the process being completed at the beginning of February.

Chad Stevers, of Gilbane Building Co., the construction manager at-risk for the project, said part of the reason for the change in schedule was the delivery of built-in desks. The desks are not expected to be installed until the end of January or the beginning of February.

Shuff and others said the previously discussed schedule was too aggressive.

Stevers said construction still should be complete at the end of the year, but furniture installation, sidewalk placement and other projects must be completed before the building can open to the public.