In their words

Area school board races packed

Candidates for local school boards were asked the question, “What would be one thing you would change during your term?” Printed are their responses.

Carey Exempted Village School District

Jason Arend: Candidate response not received.

Matthew Stombaugh: “I would not necessarily change anything, but continue the changes the board and the administration have instituted over the past four years. Continuing to move our school forward into the 21st Century is and should be our focus over the next four years. We as a community need to continue to work together to ensure our children have a brighter future in Wyandot County.”

Tony Wenzinger: Candidate response not received.

Clyde-Green Springs Local Schools

Michael Cleveland: “Going forward, I would like to see us explore ways to better communicate with district residents. It is important that we keep the public informed as to ‘why’ we as a district are doing what we are doing. Example: Each Monday the district has a 1-hour delay for teacher conferences. Few residents understand that these meetings are state mandated. I would like to see residents informed and engaged with facts, not rumors.”

Crystal Henson: “One thing I want to change is the community’s perception of our board. I want to show the community that the board has the interest of all students in mind, along with all teachers, support staff and the community as a whole. I want to ensure that our policies reflect inclusivity and support for all students and staff. I would also love to see more community involvement at board meetings, even if just to observe.”

Trisha Prunty: “As a college professor in education and lifelong educator, I have passion advocating for children. I serve on two state panels at the Ohio Department of Education, and believe all children deserve equal access to a high-quality education. Changes are needed in the state’s testing regimen currently used to measure schools, students and teachers. There are multiple ways to evaluate education, and current state testing provides a very limited view of Clyde-Green Springs Schools.”

Buckeye Central Local Schools

Lisa Aichholz: Candidate response not received.

Elizabeth Diesch: Candidate response not received.

Christopher Martin: Candidate response not received.

Jerome Heydinger: Candidate response not received.

Fostoria City Schools

Patrick Grine: “The current perception of Fostoria City Schools. Being a current school board member, a parent, a Fostoria City School alumni and lifelong resident of Fostoria, I am well aware of the less than complimentary notion of FCS. This is unfortunate and unfair. As I stated when I first got on the board and have told many people since, ‘don’t just stand outside and complain, get involved and make a change!'”

Heidi Kauffman: “One thing I would like to change during my term on the Fostoria City School Board is adopting a school-wide calendar that shows all events happening in the district. This would include every event our students are involved in whether it be sporting, academic or art. This calendar would also include the community events hosted at our facilities and work as a tool of communication for our parents, students and neighbors.”

Sharon K. Stannard: “The change that is needed for public schools in Ohio has to come from the state level. Legislators have ignored for 20 years, the Ohio State Supreme Court ruling that the state’s system of funding public schools was unconstitutional. What legislators are doing is using public money to fund privately run charter schools, schools that are for profit and online schools. Public moneys are to be spent on public schools. Our founding fathers believed that public schools were critical for democracy and should be equal and available to all. Will I see the change? Improbable, but not impossible!”

Anthony Thompson: Candidate response not received.

Hopewell-Loudon Local Schools

Adam Alt: “I believe that currently at Hopewell-Loudon School our administration is very good. I feel when asked, what is one thing I want to change when elected is a something that no one person can truly answer. I do not feel that a change can even be determined unless you can truly see the whole picture. I myself as a candidate would like to see Hopewell-Loudon keep striving for improvements to what we currently have.”

Jill Beidelschies: “Even though change seems to be the focus, my goal is to continue to strive for excellence and work to make Hopewell-Loudon the best it can be. That covers areas from miscommunication across the district, to how we as a board can make an overall positive impact for students, staff, and community. If we can work on bridging the gap and never settle for complacency, we can further strengthen the Chieftain Pride that exists!”

Michael Kuyken Jr.: Candidate response not received.

Richard Osterwalder: “I would change how we look at funding for open enrollment. Currently, funding is short of covering the total cost of education. Causing the local tax payer to be responsible for the difference. Cost per student, per year can be as much as 10,000 to 12,000. Open enrollment funding only 6,000. Also I’d like to see an exit poll done with parents that have left the school, to try and bring local funds back.”

Cynthia Suter: “Elected onto a board means one must understand current practices and culture of the school. I can advocate for change; however, it would be counterproductive for each board member to have their own agenda. My platform is to explore programming or curricular opportunities where students can organically learn about healthy relationships. Many students today are learning via technology although their lives are becoming dominated by technology which is impeding relationships and social behaviors.”

Justin Wyman: Candidate response not received.

Lakota Local Schools

Kurt Brewer: Candidate response not received.

Fred Keith: Candidate response not received.

Timothy Woodruff: Candidate response not received.

Mohawk Local Schools

Kathy Koehler: “One thing I would like to change during the next school term would be to help everyone understand the proper chain of command to get the assistance they need. I feel people are to eager to believe everything they read on social media, so I would like to encourage them to contact us instead, so they can get their questions answered. I believe this would improve community relations and improve the school over all.”

Joshua Messersmith: Candidate response not received.

Brenda Luhring: Candidate response not received.

New Riegel Local Schools

Jeff Hohman: Candidate response not received.

Jaclyn Schalk: “Initially, my intention would simply to be to spend time listening to the members of the district to truly understand our needs prior to working with members of the board to make any changes. Doing so will allow me to better understand the district’s strengths, challenges, and opportunities to move forward as a cohesive district.”

Old Fort Local Schools

Larry J. Bowman: Candidate response not received.

Jay Pence: Candidate response not received.

Valerie Steyer: Candidate response not received.

Seneca East Local Schools

Jamie Beamer: Candidate response not received.

Gina Ganni: “Complete transparency. When information is readily available and honest answers given to the questions, whether the answer is liked or disliked, people gain confidence. The community should always know not just who is on the board, but the how/why/what is being worked on. When people have confidence in the board, they have confidence in the district, and hopefully that confidence will be reflected in our teachers and students. After all, they are why we serve.”

Daniel Stacklin: “It would be a great honor to serve on the Seneca East School Board. An item that I believe needs to be on the forefront is that every student should be taught in an environment that is equitable in order for every student to succeed. Equity is recognizing that students have a variety of learning styles and needs which need to be met for students to be successful in the classroom and the high-stake testing.”

North Central Ohio Educational Service Center

Steven Snavely: Candidate response not received.

Donald Ellis: Candidate response not received.

Upper Sandusky Exempted Village School District

Jeffrey Conley: “I would like to strive to provide more educational opportunities to our students within our district. As education evolves I believe it is important to provide as many learning opportunities outside of the core curriculum to allow students to prepare for their role in society after Middle and High School. I believe this is an area that continually needs to be assessed to provide the necessary skills for today’s world.”

Eric Landversicht: “I want to share my experience in education and give back to our students and community. My desire to serve on the Upper Sandusky Exempted Village School Board is not a focus on change but rather continual improvement. I believe our schools should be student focused, dedicated to achievement and the centerpiece of our community. Our schools should provide all residents with opportunities to continue to grow and be lifelong learners.”

Neil Kinley: Candidate response not received.