Mechanical malfunction causes fire at Webster

PHOTO BY JILL GOSCHE A Tiffin Fire Rescue Division truck responds to a fire at Webster Industries Friday morning.

Tiffin Fire Rescue Division responded to a fire at Webster Industries, 325 Hall St., Friday morning.

Chief Kevin Veletean of Tiffin Fire Rescue Division said the fire started in one of the machines and then spread into an exhaust flue which extends up to the roof.

Upon arriving at the scene, Tiffin Fire Rescue Division personnel made their way to the rear of the building and observed smoke coming out of the flue as well as smoke inside of the building in the area near where the fire started, he said.

“The fire was contained in about 10 minutes,” Veletean said. “We then spent around 45 to 50 minutes extinguishing hotspots in the flue. We were there for a total of around an hour.”

The business was under normal operations and running at the time of the fire, but nobody was injured, he said. Work was stopped for about an hour in that area of factory, but other areas away from the fire maintained normal production, Veletean said.

Webster Industries maintenance personnel were to open up the machine and figure out what the extent of the damage is, he said.

“Until then, the loss estimate is unknown,” he said.

The fire was determined to be caused by a mechanical malfunction, Veletean said.

Veletean said the fire was reported at 10:30 a.m. and Tiffin Fire Rescue Division had 21 firefighters respond to the blaze.