Attica Independent Fair Results, Aug. 13

Kids Pedal Pull, Friday

25-35 Lbs.

1st, Will Lutz; 2nd, Gwendolyn Karhoff; 3rd, Breeze Mayes.

36-45 Lbs.

1st, Derek Seisel; 2nd, Briston Mayes; 3rd, Dylaina Seisel.

46-55 Lbs.

1st, John Reer; 2nd, Lucas Pifher; 3rd, Remington Newell.

56-65 Lbs.

1st, Donnie Fourtner; 2nd, Tayah Bumb.

Canned Goods


Apples: 1st, Joan Willman.

Applesauce: 1st, Tammy Daniel, Attica; 2nd, Jane Wurm.

Elderberries: 1st, Jane Wurm.

Combination Fruits: 1st, Jane Wurm.

Peaches: 1st, Joan Willman; 2nd, Rose Reer.

Pears: 1st, Joan Willman; 2nd, Jane Wurm.

Sweet Cherries, Black: 1st, Jane Wurm.

Sweet Cherries, Red: 1st, Marilyn Kochel; 2nd, Jane Wurm.

Sour Cherries: 1st, Marilyn Kochel; 2nd, Jane Wurm.

Apple Pie Filling: 1st, Jane Wurm; 2nd, Marilyn Kochel.

Cherry Pie Filling: 1st, Marilyn Kochel; 2nd, Jane Wurm.

Peach Pie Filling: 1st, Jane Wurm.


Beets: 1st, Jane Wurm.

Carrots: 1st, Jane Wurm.

Beans, Green: 1st, Janine Riedlinger.

Beans, Yellow: 1st, Jane Wurm.

Beans, French: 1st, Rose Reer.

Corn: 1st, Jane Wurm.

Mixed Vegetables: 1st, Jane Wurm.

Peas: 1st, Jane Wurm.

Sauerkraut: 1st, Barb Houck.

Tomatoes, Stewed: 2nd, Jane Wurm.

Tomatoes, Whole: 2nd, Jane Wurm.

Potatoes: 1st, Marilyn Kochel.


Apple: 1st, Barb Houck.

Elderberry: 1st, Rose Reer.

Grape: 1st, Keri Newell; 2nd, Barb Houck.

Tomato: 2nd, Jane Wurm.

Vegetable: 1st, Barb Houck.


Chicken: 1st, Janine Riedlinger; 2nd, Jane Wurm.

Pork: 1st, Janine Riedlinger.

Any Other Meat: 1st, Korey Newell.


Apple: 1st, Marilyn Kochel; 2nd, Gary Miller, Greenwich.

Blackberry: 1st, Jane Wurm.

Cherry: 1st, Marilyn Kochel; 2nd, Jane Wurm.

Grape: 1st, Debbie Reer; 2nd, Barb Houck.

Plum: 1st, Jane Wurm.

Raspberry: 1st, Jane Wurm.

Peach: 1st, Carol Aichholz.

Any Other Jellies: 1st, Jane Wurm.


Apple: 1st, Rose Reer.

Grape: 1st, Jane Wurm.

Any Other Butters: 1st, Jane Wurm.


Cherries: 1st, Jane Wurm; 2nd, Marilyn Kochel.

Peach: 1st, Tammy Daniel.

Strawberry: 1st, Marilyn Kochel, Joan Willman; 2nd, Carol Aichholz.

Tomato: 1st, Jane Wurm.

Any Other Jams: 1st, Marilyn Kochel; 2nd, Tammy Daniel.


Beets: 1st, Tammy Daniel; 2nd, Joan Willman.

Onion: 1st, Jane Wurm.

Bread and Butter: 1st, Marilyn Kochel.

Dill, Small: 1st, Jane Wurm.

Dill, Whole: 2nd, Jane Wurm.

Pickle Relish: 1st, Debbie Reer.

Hot Peppers: 1st, Joyce Keaton, Attica.

Corn Relish: 1st, Gary Miller.

Zucchini Relish: 1st, Janine Riedlinger.


Tomato Soup: 1st, Barb Houck; 2nd, Tammy Daniel.

Vegetable Soup: 1st, Jane Wurm.

Tomato Catsup: 1st, Barb Houck; 2nd, Jane Wurm.

Chili Sauce: 1st, Jane Wurm.

Barbecue Sauce: 1st, Barb Houck.

Salsa: 1st, Rose Reer; 2nd, Barb Houck.

Spaghetti Sauce: 1st, Marilyn Kochel.

Any Item Not Listed: 1st, Barb Houck.


Rose From Grapes: 1st, Scott Nagy, Port Clinton.

Dandelion: 1st, Scott Nagy.

White/Rose from Flower Petals: 1st, Scott Nagy.

Sparkling Wines or Coolers: 1st, Scott Nagy.

Any Variety Not Listed: 1st, Scott Nagy; 2nd, Maxine Heyman; 3rd, Ed Weisenauer, Bloomville.

Novelty Wine: 1st, Scott Nagy.

Red from Grapes Dry: 1st, Scott Nagy.

Sweet White From Grapes: 1st, Scott Nagy.

Sweet Red From Grapes: 1st, Ed Weisenauer; 2nd, Bob Enders, Bloomville; 3rd, Scott Nagy.

Blueberry: 1st, Scott Nagy.

Cherry: 1st Ed Weisenauer; 2nd, Scott Nagy.

Elderberry: 1st, Jane Wurm; 2nd, Scott Nagy.

Raspberry: 1st, Ed Weisenauer; 2nd, Scott Nagy.

Strawberry: 1st, Scott Nagy.

Peach: 1st, Jane Wurm.

Meal In A Jar

1st, Jane Wurm.



Angel Food: 1st, Susie Kelbley; 2nd, Rose Reer.

Carrot: 1st, Cindy Oberholtzer.

Chocolate Layer: 1st, Lindsay Vanderveen; 2nd, Susie Kelbley.

Chiffon: 1st, Carol Aichholz.

Hickory Nut: 1st, Carol Aichholz.

Pineapple Upside Down: 1st, Joan Willman.

Other Cakes: 1st, Lisa Deel; 2nd, Gary Miller

Make It With Cake Mixes

Cakes: 2nd, Joan Willman.

Cookies: 1st, Janine Riedlinger; 2nd, Maxine Heyman.

Quick Breads: 1st, Maxine Heyman.

Any Other Not Listed: 1st, Cindy Oberholtzer; 2nd, Lisa Deel.


Butterscotch: 1st, Joan Willman; 2nd, Carol Aichholz.

Chocolate: 1st , Eric Heyman.

Decorated: 1st, Elizabeth Clifton, Tiffin; 2nd, Susie Kelbley.

Molasses: 1st, Joan Willman; 2nd, Marilyn Kochel.

Oatmeal: 1st, Jane Wurm; 2nd, Rose Reer.

Peanut Butter: 1st, Niki Schiefer, Attica; 2nd, Elizabeth Clifton.

Pinwheel: 1st, Joan Willman.

Snickerdoodle: 1st, Jane Wurm; 2nd, Elizabeth Clifton.

Sugar: 1st, Katie Slingwine; 2nd, Maxine Heyman.

Chocolate Chip: 1st, Niki Schiefer; 2nd, Susie Kelbley.

Cupcakes: 1st, Elizabeth Clifton; 2nd, Lindsay Vanderveen.

Cupcakes Decorated Holiday: 1st, Elizabeth Clifton.

Bar Cookies

Brownies: 1st, Gary Miller; 2nd, Lisa Deel.

Butterscotch Brownies: 2nd, Cindy Oberholtzer.

Chocolate Chip Bar: 1st, Eric Heyman; Susie Kelbley.

Peanut Butter Bar: 1st, Cindy Oberholtzer.

Zucchini Bar: 1st, Marilyn Kochel.


Apple: 1st, Cindy Oberholtzer; 2nd, Katie Slingwine.

Lemon: 1st, Carol Aichholz.

Elderberry: 1st, Carol Aichholz; 2nd, Rose Reer.

Peach: 1st, Carol Aichholz.

Quick Breads

Banana Bread: 1st, Joan Willman; 2nd, Cindy Oberholtzer.

Blueberry Muffins: 1st, Joan Willman; 2nd, Susie Kelbley.

Coffee Cake: 1st, Cindy Oberholtzer.

Cornbread: 1st, Rose Reer.

Zucchini Bread: 1st, Joan Willman; 2nd, Lisa Deel.

Bread Rolls, Yeast Breads

French Bread: 1st, Maxine Heyman.

Onion Bread: 1st, Maxine Heyman.

White Bread: 1st, Maxine Heyman.

Cloverleaf Roll: 1st, Carol Aichholz.

Cinnamon Rolls: 1st, Joan Willman.

Dinner Roll: 1st, Maxine Heyman; 2nd, Carol Aichholz.


Cupcakes, Decorated: 1st, Lilly Stockmaster; 2nd, Ellie Vanderveen.

Chocolate Chip Cookies: 1st, Jada Deel; 2nd, Hunter Rathburn, Attica.

Apple Pie: 1st, Kira Stanfield.

Brownies: 1st, Thomas Schiefer; 2nd, Ava Deel.

Peanut Butter Cookies: 1st, Ava Deel; 2nd, Ellie Vanderveen.

Sugar cookies: 1st, Kira Stanfield.

Men Only

Apple Pie: 1st, Gary Miller.

Peanut Butter Cookies: 1st, Eric Heyman.

Any Bread: 1st, Eric Heyman.

Women, 65 Years and Older

Any Bread: 1st, Joan Willman; 2nd, Maxine Heyman.

Baking Powder Biscuits: 1st, Maxine Heyman.

Sugar Cookies: 1st, Rose Reer; 2nd, Maxine Heyman.


Buckeyes: 1st, Elizabeth Clifton.

Chocolate Fudge: 1st, Cindy Oberholtzer; 2nd, Susie Kelbley.

Nut Fudge: 1st, Cindy Oberholtzer.

Peanut Brittle: 1st, Susie Kelbley.

Peanut Clusters: 1st, Eric Heyman; 2nd, Maxine Heyman.

White Fudge: 1st, Cindy Oberholtzer.

Chocolate Covered Pretzel: 1st, Eric Heyman; 2nd, Maxine Heyman.


Homemade Noodles: 1st, Lilly Schiefer; 2nd, Cindy Oberholtzer.

Brown Eggs: 1st, Lilly Schiefer; 2nd, Janine Riedlinger.


Spiced Mixed Nuts: 1st, Maxine Heyman.

Carmel Corn: 1st, Susie Kelbley; 2nd, Maxine Heyman.

Granola: 1st, Janine Riedlinger.

Black Walnut Meats: 1st, Jane Wurm.

Hickory Nut Meats: 1st, Carol Aichholz.

Basket fo Love

Gifts From the Kitchen: 1st, Maxine Heyman; 2nd, Joan Willman.

Special Baking

Special Baking (Lazy Day Cobbler): 1st, Carol Aichholz; 2nd, Tammy Daniel.

Kids Crafts

Make It With Buttons

Star: 1st, Colt Stockmaster.

Windmill: 1st, Blaise Vanderveen.

Basket: 1st, Ava Deel.

Animal: 1st, Ellie Vanderveen.

Item Not Listed: 1st, Valerie Bordner.


Cakes: 1st, Elizabeth Clifton; 2nd, Lindsay Vanderveen.

Cookies: 1st, Elizabeth Clifton; 2nd, Susie Kelbley.

Cupcakes: 1st, Elizabeth Clifton.

Cookie Jar Contest

Cookie Jar Contest: 1st, Maxine Heyman; 2nd, Jane Wurm

Best of Shows


Annual Flowers: Jane Wurm.

Perennial Flowers: Maxine Heyman.

Potted Plant: Lisa Heiser.

Floral Arrangement: Cynde Spyker.


Potatoes: Kelly Bordner.

Tomatoes: Kelly Bordner.

Onions: Thomas Schiefer.

Squash: Lisa Deel.

Cucumbers: Janine Riedlinger.

Peppers: Lisa Deel.

Beans: Jane Wurm.

Other Vegetables: Thomas Schiefer.


Pat Clark.

Field Crops

Evan Schiefer.

Baked Goods

Make It With Mixes: Janine Riedlinger, Cookies Entry.

Cakes: Lisa Deel, Other Cakes Entry.

Candy: Elizabeth Clifton, Buckeyes Entry.

Quick Breads: Joan Willman, Blueberry Muffins Entry.

Yeast Breads: Joan Willman, Cinnamon Rolls Entry.

Cookies: Elizabeth Clifton, Decorated Cookies Entry.

Bar Cookies: Gary Miller, Brownies Entry.

Snacks: Susie Kelbley, Carmel Corn Entry.

Miscellaneous: Lilly Schiefer, Homemade Noodles Entry.

Pies: Carol Aichholz, Peach Entry.

Youth: Jada Deel, Chocolate Chip Cookie Entry.

Men Only: Eric Heyman, Peanut Butter Cookie Entry.

Women Over 65 Years Old: Joan Willman, Any Bread Entry.

Special Baking: Carol Aichholz.

Best Overall Baked Goods: Joan Willman, Cinnamon Rolls Entry.

Total of Baked Goods Auction: $2,650.

Canned Goods

Fruit: Jane Wurm, Combination Fruit Entry.

Vegetables: Jane Wurm, Corn Entry.

Juice: Keri Newell, Grape Juice Entry.

Jams: Joan Willman, Strawberry Jam Entry.

Butter: Rose Reer, Apple Butter Entry.

Pickles: Tammy Daniel, Beets Entry.

Meats: Janine Riedlinger, Chicken Entry.

Meals In A Jar: Janine Riedlinger.

Gifts From The Kitchen: Maxine Heyman.

Best Overall Canned Goods: Jane Wurm, Fruit Combination Entry.


Best: Ed Weisenaur with Sweet Red From Grapes Entry; Reserve: Ed Weisenauer with Raspberry Entry.

Kids Button Display

Case Stockmaster, Tractor Entry.


Youth Snapshot: Ellie Vanderveen.

Youth Enlargement: Allie Smith.

Adult Snapshot: Susan Clark.

Adult Enlargement: Keri Newell.


Quilt: Joyce Keaton.

Wall Hanging: Barb Houck.

Doll Outfit: Cathy Stockmeister.

Afghan: Cathy Stockmeister.

Any Other Infant Clothes: Maxine Heyman.

Pillow: Maxine Heyman.

Lap Robe: Maxine Heyman.


Wood Craft: Tonya Beard.

Miscellaneous Craft: Susie Kelbley.

Button Pins: Rafaela Stanfield.

Lego Item: Case Stockmaster.

Youth Pillow: Jada Deel.

Painting on Wood: Jack Frankart.

Oil Painting: Jack Frankart.

Feeder Calves

Beef Feeders

Champion: Morgan Cleveland, Spirit of ’76; Reserve: Abby Waldock, Bloomville Beef and Feeders.

Best Groomed: Abby Waldock.

Dairy Feeders

Champion: Chelsey Depinet, Circle E Beef; Reserve: Megan McCoy, Bloomville Good Luck Sheep.

Best Groomed: Justin Dentinger, Bloomville Beef and Feeders.

Dairy/Beef Feeders

Champion: Caroline Kagy, Bloomville Beef and Feeders; Reserve: Rees Kuhn, Clinton Farmers.

Best Groomed: Caroline Kagy.

Skills Test

Beginner: Leah Drown, Republic Rowdy Rednecks.

Intermediate: Morgan Cleveland.

Senior: Jordyn Lease, Bloomville Beef and Feeders.


Junior: 1st, Sayge Miller, Eastern County Livestock; 2nd, Ella Martin, Republic Rowdy Rednecks; 3rd, Clayton Fredritz, Bloomville Good Luck Sheep.

Intermediate: 1st, Isaac Gaietto, Republic Rowdy Rednecks; 2nd, Shayden Heiser, Eastern County Livestock; 3rd, Coy Fredritz, Bloomville Good Luck Sheep.

Senior: 1st, Morgan Cleveland; 2nd, Eli Heal, Seneca East FFA; 3rd, Emma Gurney, Seneca East FFA.

Super: 1st, Morgan Cleveland; 2nd, Sayge Miller; 3rd, Isaac Gaietto.


Purebred Breeding Sheep

Ewe Lamb: 1st, Garrett Wagner, Eden Jr. Farmers; 2nd, Kayleigh Walliser, Eastern County Livestock.

Ram Lamb: 1st, Garrett Wanger.

Champions: Ewe Lamb, Garrett Wagner; Ram Lamb: Garrett Wagner.

Crossbred Breeding Sheep

Ewe Lamb: 1st, Mya Carrick, Republic Rowdy Rednecks; 2nd, McKennah Corfman, Bloomville Good Luck Sheep; 3rd, Megan Sours.

Yearling Ewe: 1st, McKennah Corfman.

Ram Lamb: 1st, McKennah Corfman.

Flock: 1st, McKennah Corfman.

Champions: Ewe Lamb: Mya Carrick; Yearling Ewe: McKennah Corfman; Ram Lamb: McKennah Corfman; Flock: McKennah Corfman.

Single Market Lambs

1st and 2nd, Mya Carrick; 3rd, Garrett Wagner.

Champions: Mya Carrick; Reserve: Mya Carrick.

Pair of Market Lambs

1st, Jaidyn Kagy, Republic Rowdy Rednecks; 2nd, Evan Palmer, Seneca County Jr. Beef; 3rd, Aubrey Beard, Bloomville Good Luck Sheep.

Champion: Jaidyn Kagy.

Skill Test

Beginner: Kayleigh Walliser.

Intermediate: Aubrey Beard, Bloomville Good Luck Sheep.

Senior: 1st, Evan Palmer, Seneca County Jr. Beef.


Junior: 1st, Mya Carrick; 2nd, Jaidyn Kagy; 3rd, Kaden Ball, Bloomville Good Luck Sheep.

Intermedaite: 1st, Thomas Wells, Republic Rowdy Rednecks; 2nd, Aubrey Beard.

Senior: 1st, Elli French, Bloomville Good Luck Sheep; 2nd, Lauren Sauers, Seneca East FFA; 3rd, Erika Shock, Bloomville Good Luck Sheep.

Super: 1st, McKennah Corfman; 2nd, Elli French; 3rd, Mya Carrick.