Attica Independent Fair Results, Aug. 12

Kids Pedal Pull, Thursday

25-35 Lbs.

1st, Brynlee McConnel; 2nd, Addison Bivens.

36-45 Lbs.

1st, Vince Campbell; 2nd, Easton Scherley; 3rd, Genevieve Price.

46-55 Lbs.

1st, Colton Young; 2nd, Jordyn Enders; 3rd, Nevelle Martin.

56- 65 Lbs.

1st, Logan Price; 2nd, Grant Bogner; 3rd, Thomas Schiefer.



Squares, Woven: 1st, Joan Willman, Attica.

Cable, Knitted: 1st, Susie Kelbley, Tiffin; 2nd, Cathy Stockmeister, Attica.

Best Preserved

Quilt: 1st, Virginia Roth, Attica; 2nd, Cathy Stockmeister.

Afghan: 1st, Eric Heyman, Monroeville; 2nd, Maxine Heyman, Attica.


Crochet: 1st, Susie Kelbley; 2nd, Cathy Stockmeister.

Crewel/Embroidery: 1st, Maxine Heyman.

Any Other: 1st and 2nd, Maxine Heyman.

Crochet and Knitting

Any Other Item, Crocheted: 1st, Maxine Heyman; 2nd, Susie Kelbley.


Any Quilt 3×3: 1st, Barb Houck, Tiffin; 2nd, Katie Slingwine, Clyde.

Crochet Afghan: 1st, Susie Kelbley; 2nd, Maxine Heyman.

Any Other Infant Item Not Listed: 1st and 2nd, Maxine Heyman.

Any Other

Tablecloth: 1st, Cathy Stockmeister; 2nd, Jane Wurm, New Washington.


Any Other Animal, Any Material: 1st and 2nd, Maxine Heyman.

Doll, Homemade Outfit Judged: 1st and 2nd, Cathy Stockmeister.

Wall Hangings

Cross Stitch: 1st, Barb Houck; 2nd, Rafaela Stanfield, Attica.

Embroidery: 1st, Maxine Heyman.

Candle Wicking: 1st, Barb Houck.

Item Not Listed: 1st, Evelyn Langjahr, Attica.


Doll Clothes: 1st and 2nd, Cathy Stockmeister.

Towel, Set of 2: 1st and 2nd, Maxine Heyman.

Pot Holder, 3 Fastened Together: 1st, Maxine Heyman; 2nd, Cathy Stockmeister.

Rug: 1st and 2nd, Cathy Stockmeister.

Goose Clothes/Costumes: 1st and 2nd, Maxine Heyman.

Lap Robe or Shawl: 1st, Maxine Heyman; 2nd, Carol Aichholz, Attica.

One Doily 8″ or Larger: 1st and 2nd, Maxine Heyman.

Two Doilies 8″ or Smaller: 1st and 2nd, Maxine Heyman.

Item Not Listed: 1st, Maxine Heyman; 2nd, Barb Houck.


Any Pillowcase: 1st, Jada Deel, Willard; 2nd, Ava Deel, Willard.

Any Wall Hanging: 1st, Ava Deel.

Pot Holders: 1st, Ava Deel.

Fine Arts


Shelf: 1st, Korey Newell, Republic.

Birdhouse: 1st, Lisa Deel, Willard.

Lathe Work: 1st and 2nd, Steve Heyman, Monroeville.

Lawn Ornament: 1st, Eric Heyman.

Item Not Listed: 1st and 2nd, Tonya Beard, Attica.

Gift Wrap

Baby’s First Birthday: 1st, Susie Kelbley; 2nd, Eric Heyman.

Graduation: 1st, Susie Kelbley; 2nd, Kirk Stanfield, Attica.

Bridal Shower: 1st, Susie Kelbley; 2nd, Eric Heyman.

Children’s: 1st, Susie Kelbley.

Valentine’s Day: 1st, Susie Kelbley.

Silver Anniversary: 1st, Susie Kelbley; 2nd, Eric Heyman.

Halloween: 1st, Susie Kelbley; 2nd, Kira Stanfield, Attica.

Man’s Birthday: 1st, Susie Kelbley; 2nd, Eric Heyman.

40th Birthday: 1st, Susie Kelbley; 2nd, Eric Heyman.

Eagle Scout: 2nd, Eric Heyman.

Miscellaneous Crafts

Grapevine: 1st, Katie Slingwine, Clyde; 2nd, Eric Heyman.

Beadwork: 2nd, Rafaela Stanfield.

Frames, Jigsaw Puzzle: 1st and 2nd, Steve Heyman.

One Small Useful Item: 1st, Case Stockmaster, Bellevue.

Small Centerpiece: 1st, Colt Stockmaster, Bellevue.

Item Not Listed: 1st, Susie Kelbley; 2nd, Barb Houck.

Miscellaneous Painting

On Wood: 1st, Jack Frankart, Willard.

Ceramic: 1st, Lisa Deel.

Item Not Listed: 1st, Jack Frankart.


Pencils: 2nd, Rose Reer, Plymouth.

Sea Shells: 1st, Cindy Oberholtzer, Tiffin; 2nd, Case Stockmaster.

Rocks: 1st, Valerie Bordner, Attica; 2nd, Cindy Oberholtzer.

Spoons: 1st, Lisa Deel.

Key Chains: 1st, Eric Heyman; 2nd, Susie Kelbley.

Thimbles: 1st, Rose Reer.

Buttons for Clothing: 1st, Susie Kelbley; 2nd, Barb Houck.

Button Pins: 1st, Rafaela Stanfield; 2nd, Cindy Oberholtzer.

Any Animals: 1st, Colt Stockmaster; 2nd, Lisa Deel.

Any Bird: 1st, Maxine Heyman.

Bells: 1st, Virginia Roth; 2nd, Cindy Oberholtzer.

Salt and Pepper Set: 1st, Carol Aichholz.

Magnets: 1st, Lisa Deel.

Bottles: 1st, Rose Reer; 2nd, Maxine Heyman.

Angels: 1st, Maxine Heyman; 2nd, Cathy Stockmeister.

Attica Fair Items: 1st, Maxine Heyman.

Snow Babies: 1st, Cindy Oberholtzer.

Favorite Sports Team Items: 1st, Evan Schiefer, Attica; 2nd, Valerie Bordner.


Any Painting/Ink/Pencil/Crayon: 1st, Ellie Vanderveen, Attica; 2nd, Ava Deel, Willard.

Paint by Number: 1st, Ellie Vanderveen; 2nd, Blaise Vanderveen, Attica.

Dog or Cat Collection: 1st, Ava Deel; 2nd, Jada Deel.

Trading Cards: 1st, Jada Deel; 2nd, Ava Deel.

Monster Truck Collection: 1st, Colt Stockmaster.

Farm Machinery: 1st, Thomas Schiefer, Attica; 2nd, Blaise Vanderveen.

Doll Collection: 1st, Jada Deel; 2nd, Ava Deel.

Collection of One Cartoon Character: 1st, Jada Deel.

Small Item Made with Legos: 1st, Jada Deel, Case Stockmaster; 2nd, Blaise Vanderveen, Ellie Vanderveen.

Framed Art, Adult

Oil: 1st and 2nd, Jack Frankart.

Acrylic: 1st, Mary Weis, Attica; 2nd, Ann Fry, Bloomville.

Watercolor: 2nd, Kira Stanfield.

Photography, Snapshots, Youth

Wildlife Animals: 1st, Ellie Vanderveen.

Domestic Animals: 1st, Ava Deel; 2nd, Lilly Stockmaster, New Washington.

Transportation: 2nd, Jada Deel.

Photography, Snapshots, Adult

Scenery (Buildings, Bridges, Etc.): 2nd, Katlyn Nagel, Attica.

Scenery (Nature, Storms, Etc.): 1st, Katelin Aichholz, Attica, Steve Heyman; 2nd, Evelyn Langjahr, Attica, Cindy Oberholtzer.

Wildlife Animals: 1st, Katie Slingwine, Lindsay Vanderveen, Attica; 2nd, Susan Clark, Bloomville.

Domestic Animals: 1st, Lisa Deel; 2nd, Lindsay Vanderveen.

Transportation: 1st, Katelin Aichholz, Susan Clark, Lisa Deel, Evelyn Langjahr.

Fair Enjoyment: 1st, Lisa Deel; 2nd, Lindsay Vanderveen.

Flowers: 1st, Lindsay Vanderveen; 2nd, Eric Heyman.

Portrait: 1st, Katelin Aichholz, Julia Drown; 2nd, Lindsay Vanderveen.

Photography, Enlargements, Youth Under 12

Domestic Animals: 1st, Ava Deel, Lilly Schiefer, Ellie Vanderveen; 2nd, Valerie Bordner, Attica; Lilly Stockmaster.

Scenery (Nature, Storms, Etc.): 1st, Allie Smith, Attica; 2nd, Blaise Vanderveen.

Transportation: 1st, Jada Deel.

Photography, Enlargements, Adults

Domestic Animals: 1st, Susan Clark, Korey Newell, Republic; 2nd, Susan Clark, Lisa Deel, Lindsay Vanderveen.

Wildlife Animals: 1st, Susan Clark (2), Keri Newell; 2nd, Lisa Deel.

Flowers: 1st, Susan Clark (2), Lindsay Vanderveen; 2nd, Susie Kelbley.

Transportation: 1st, Keri Newell; 2nd, Lindsay Vanderveen.

Scenery (Buildings, Bridges, Etc.): 1st, Susan Clark, Lindsay Vanderveen; 2nd, Steve Heyman, Keri Newell.

Scenery (Nature, Storms, Etc.): 1st, Katelin Aichholz, Susie Kelbley; 2nd, Susan Clark, Steve Heyman.

Portrait: 1st, Kelly Bordner, Susan Clark (2); 2nd, Susie Kelbley, Katlyn Nagel.

Insects: 1st, Susan Clark (2), Lindsay Vanderveen.


Annual Flowers

Amaranthus: 2nd, Maxine Heyman.

Dahlia PomPom: 1st, Jane Wurm, New Washington.

Marigolds, Dwarf: 1st, Maxine Heyman.

Marigolds, Large: 1st, Jane Wurm.

Marigolds, White: 1st, Joan Willman.

Money Plant: 1st, Pat Clark; 2nd, Kirk Stanfield.

Petunia, Single: 1st, Susie Riedlinger, Attica; 2nd, Evelyn Langjahr.

Petunia, Bi Color: 2nd, Jane Wurm.

Petunia Wave: 1st and 2nd, Susie Riedlinger.

Salvia: 2nd, Jane Wurm.

Sunflower, Decorative: 1st, Lisa Deel.

Sunflower, Largest: 1st, Valerie Bordner.

Sunflower, Smallest: 1st, Lisa Deel; 2nd, Eric Heyman.

Zinnia, Large: 1st, Jane Wurm; 2nd, Lisa Deel.

Perennial Flowers

Blackeyed Susan: 1st, Kirk Stanfield; 2nd, Sheri Lantz, Attica.

Chives: 1st, Janine Riedlinger, Tiffin.

Cone Flower: 1st, Sheri Lantz; 2nd, Kira Stanfield.

Daisy: 1st, Eric Heyman; 2nd, Kirk Stanfield.

Dill: 1st, Janine Riedlinger.

Geranium: 1st, Eric Heyman; 2nd, Maxine Heyman.

Hibiscus: 1st, Kirk Stanfield; 2nd, Maxine Heyman.

Hollyhock: 1st, Pat Clark.

Hydrangea: 1st and 2nd, Sheri Lantz.

Lilly Resurrection: 1st, Maxine Heyman.

Lilly, Any Other Kind: 2nd, Maxine Heyman.

Phlox: 1st and 2nd, Pat Clark.

Rose Hybrid Tea: 1st, Kira Stanfield; 2nd, Jane Wurm.

Rose Floribunda: 1st, Kirk Stanfield.

Rose of Sharon: 1st and 2nd, Kirk Stanfield.

Sedum: 1st, Rose Reer; 2nd, Susie Riedlinger.

Sweet Peas: 1st, Maxine Heyman.

Tansy: 1st, Maxine Heyman.

Yarrow: 1st, Eric Heyman; 2nd, Maxine Heyman.

African Violet: 2nd, Eric Heyman.

Begonia: 1st, Rose Reer; 2nd, Rafaela Stanfield.

Cactus: 1st, Rafaela Stanfield.

Caladium: 1st and 2nd, Maxine Heyman.

Geranium: 1st, Thomas Schiefer.

Hens and Chicks: 1st, Evelyn Langjahr; 2nd, Susie Riedlinger.

Impatiens: 1st, Lisa Heiser, Attica; 2nd, Lilly Schiefer.

Floral Arrangements

Arrangement, Dusty Roads, Dry A: 1st, Janine Riedlinger; 2nd, Eric Heyman.

Vacation Time: 1st, Maxine Heyman.

Family Picnic: 1st, Eric Heyman.

Heat Wave: 1st, Maxine Heyman.

Sunrise Service: 1st, Cynde Spyker, Attica; 2nd, Rafaela Stanfield.

Garden Party: 1st, Janine Riedlinger; 2nd, Eric Heyman.

Ball Game: 1st, Janine Riedlinger; 2nd, Maxine Heyman.

Hay Ride: 1st, Eric Heyman.

Hobby, 13-17 Years Old: 1st, Kira Stanfield.

Farm Products


Pontiac: 1st, Jane Wurm.

Kennebec: 1st, Kelly Bordner.

Any Other Variety: 2nd, Case Stockmaster.


Hillbilly: 1st, Lisa Deel.

Better Boy: 1st, Debbie Reer, Attica; 2nd, Lisa Heiser.

Beef Mater: 2nd, Jane Wurm.

Italian: 1st, Kelly Bordner; 2nd, Janine Riedlinger.

Any Other Variety: 1st, Valerie Bordner; 2nd, Kelly Bordner.

Grape Tomato: 1st, Debbie Reer.

Cherry Tomato: 1st, Valerie Bordner.

Any Other Cluster: 1st, Ron Heyman, Attica.

Any Other Cluster: 1st, Maxine Heyman.


Yellow: 1st, Thomas Schiefer; 2nd, Janine Riedlinger.

Red: 1st, Thomas Schiefer; 2nd, Kelly Bordner.

White: 1st, Case Stockmaster; 2nd, Kelly Bordner.

Any Other Variety: 2nd, Colt Stockmaster.


Crookneck: 1st, Eric Heyman; 2nd, Ron Heyman.

Zucchini for Frying: 1st, Thomas Schiefer; 2nd, Colt Stockmaster.

Zucchini for Bread: 1st, Thomas Schiefer; 2nd, Ron Heyman.

Acorn: 1st, Lisa Deel.

Butternut: 1st, Lisa Deel.

Spaghetti: 1st, Lisa Deel.


Burpless: 1st, Lisa Deel; 2nd, Thomas Schiefer.

Pickling Size: 1st, Janine Riedlinger; 2nd, Lisa Deel.

Slicing Size: 1st, Debbie Reer.


Bell: 1st, Lisa Deel; 2nd, Thomas Schiefer.

Sweet Banana: 1st, Lisa Heiser; 2nd, Lisa Deel.

Jalapeno: 1st, Lisa Deel; 2nd, Lisa Heiser.

Any Other Variety: 1st, Case Stockmaster; 2nd, Valerie Bordner.


Green: 1st, Lisa Heiser; 2nd, Alyssa Heiser, Attica.

Yellow: 1st, Jane Wurm.

Baby Lima, Dried: 1st, Jane Wurm.

Kidney: 1st, Jane Wurm.

Root Vegetables

Carrots: 2nd, Colt Stockmaster.

Kohlrabi: 1st, Kelly Bordner.

Red Beets: 1st, Kelly Bordner.


Early: 1st, Thomas Schiefer; 2nd, Debbie Reer.

Other Vegetables

Broccoli: 1st, Thomas Schiefer.

Leaf Lettuce: 1st, Ron Heyman; 2nd, Marilyn Kochel, Attica.

Rhubarb: 1st, Janine Riedlinger.

Celery: 1st, Jane Wurm.


Field Pumpkin: 1st, Thomas Schiefer.

Gourds: 1st, Lisa Deel.


Grapes: 1st, Kelly Bordner.

Apples: 1st and 2nd, Pat Clark.

Pears: 2nd, Jane Wurm.

Berries: 1st, Rose Reer.

Field Crops

Previous Year

Wheat: 1st and 2nd, Pat Clark.

Corn: 1st and 2nd, Pat Clark.

Soybeans: 1st and 2nd, Pat Clark.

Field Corn Stalks: 1st, Rebecca Heiser; 2nd, Evan Schiefer.

Soybeans: 1st, Evan Schiefer; 2nd, Thomas Schiefer.

Largest or Oddest


Heaviest Tomato: 1st, Debbie Reer.

Heaviest Onion: 1st, Debbie Reer.

Heaviest Zucchini: 1st, Colt Stockmaster; 2nd, Lisa Deel.

Heaviest Cabbage: 1st, Debbie Reer.

Longest Cucumber: 1st, Jane Wurm.

Longest Ear, Field Corn: 1st, Allie Smith, Attica.

Oddest Looking Vegetable: 1st, Lisa Deel.

Vegetable Display

Basket of 8 or more Vegetables: 1st, Janine Riedlinger.


Made With Garden Tools (No Taller Than 5 Feet and No Wider Than 3 Feet): 1st, Remington Newell, Republic; 2nd, Lilly Schiefer.

Made With Garden Tools (Between 2-3 Feet Tall and No Wider Than 2 Feet): 1st, Rafaela

Stanfield; 2nd, Nora Newell, Republic.

Veggie Heads

Mr. Potato Head (Ages Up To 11): 1st, Lilly Schiefer, Lilly Stockmaster; 2nd, Ava Deel, Jada Dell, Thomas Schiefer.