Village eyes potential parking lot

REPUBLIC – Lions’ Club members Tom Nagel and Dennis Breyman approached Republic Village Council Monday night seeking approval for installation of a parking lot for Field 3 at Community Park.

Mayor Bruce Lambert said he would consult village maps for the exact location.

Nagel and Breyman asked about spraying grass, and Village Administrator Crystal Hoepf is to check on the approved spray for the project.

They also noted, during the recent Party in the Park, the band had electrical problems. A pole is to be replaced at the park and an additional electrical outlet may be installed.

A girls’ softball tournament takes place at the park Aug. 23-24.

Hoepf said hydrant flushing is to be done Aug. 27 and, if necessary, Aug. 28. Sealing cracks on Broadway Street is in progress and the new village dump truck should be ready for delivery Aug. 24.

Hoepf announced Paulette Michener Bocker, owner of the donated green park space, has requested a dedication ceremony be conducted Memorial Day when family members will be present.

Mowing of the property is in question because no agreement has been signed between Bocker and the village. Hoepf said she will contact Bocker for direction.

Council approved the Ohio Department of Transportation resurfacing east SR 18 from the village limit to north SR 18, stopping at SR 19 and SR 162 between SR 18 and SR 19. The three-reading rule was waived.

More rumble strips have been added at SR 19 and SR 162.

Additional strips for other intersections will be laid when the state completes paving of highways through the village next spring.

It was noted the property at Washington and Park streets needs to be mowed.

A utility meeting has been set for 7 p.m. Monday, and American Municipal Power is to be in attendance.

Fiscal Officer Jason Shade reported all funds total $1,272,073.95, with $600,000 invested. He presented the cash summary by fund and reported on the state auditor’s recommendations.

Adjustments were made to some funds and the purchase order process was questioned.

Council is scheduled to meet at 7 p.m. Aug. 18.