Tiffin water in demand

The effect of Toledo’s water crisis trickled down to Tiffin Saturday.

At least one local store began selling out of water when residents in northern Ohio were warned not to drink theirs due to a toxin in it. Just a few cases were left on the shelves of Heritage IGA Saturday afternoon.

“We’re almost out. We have very little left,” manager Jenny Kelch said about 12:45 p.m.

Kelch said the rush started Saturday morning. The water already was almost gone when she arrived at the store at noon. She estimated people were buying between two to six cases each.

The store had had half a pallet in the back of the store Saturday morning.

“It sold this morning before we even got here,” she said.

Kelch said the store’s water was to go on sale today. An official contacted the store’s warehouse and added three pallets for Monday. The shipment is to arrive at the store at 5 a.m. Monday.

A spokeswoman from Rosier’s Deli Mart said a couple of people purchased a few 24-packs and a couple jugs of water. The store still had bottled water for sale in packs and jugs Saturday afternoon.