Report of marijuana odor leads police to pot, pills

Police confiscated a small amount of marijuana and unidentified pills from an Elm Avenue residence Thursday afternoon after a caller reported an odor of marijuana was coming from it.

Detective Lt. Mark Marquis of the Tiffin Police Department said police were dispatched to 346 Elm Ave. after receiving the odor complaint. They then found the marijuana, along with pills laying loosely inside the trailer, after obtaining consent to search it. Marquis said the amount of marijuana was less than 100 grams, and its purpose was likely for personal use. Chuck Boyer, unit coordinator of the Seneca County Drug Task Force METRICH Enforcement Unit, said the amount of pills found was between 50 and 100.

Police also confiscated drug paraphernalia, cash and cell phones, Marquis said. He said the cash and cell phones were taken because there appeared to evidence of drug trafficking inside the residence.

Marquis said no arrests were made Thursday, and the incident remains under investigation.