Panel holds off on storm sewer decision

Tiffin City Council members are to get more information on a request for a storm sewer extension after visiting the property during a Streets, Sidewalks and Sewers Committee meeting Thursday.

Tiffin resident Bill Arnold made a request to extend a storm sewer onto his property on Continental Street. At a previous meeting, Arnold said the street was supposed to be included in the Miami Street storm drainage project about 15 years ago and the property is being assessed for the project while the land is still experiencing flooding issues.

Arnold wanted access to the storm drain right-of-way, yet City Engineer Mario Livojevic said in a previous meeting not all residents have access to the storm line.

Arnold also has made attempts to improve the property, including bringing in dirt to stop flooding.

Councilman Steve Lepard said the south side of the street is within the city limits, while the north side is in Hopewell Township. Any changes would need approval from Hopewell Township trustees, as they own the right-of-way.

Livojevic said because the issue has not come up before, the city would have to consider setting a precedent. He also gave a rough cost estimate of the project at about $30,000.

Councilman Rich Focht said the city provides the storm sewer up to a point for developers, then it is up to the developers of the property to pay for the connection on their property.

During a visit to the property, Arnold explained he already placed tiles on his private property. The only issue would be connecting those tiles to the city’s storm sewer, which he requested be built in the area between the existing sewer from Nelson Street and Continental Street, 480 feet west of the intersection.

Livojevic said the water would drain to the storm sewer, but the city may need right-of-way from homeowners.

Arnold also said a township tile exists across the road, but the trustees will not permit a connection due to too much water already entering the drain. He also said he did not know of neighbors having flooding issues.

The committee is to look at other options and investigate the issue further before making a decision.

In other news, the committee unanimously approved an alley vacation for land owned by Tiffin University on Miami Street.