Justice center space to be outlined

At their meeting Thursday, Seneca County commissioners agreed to mark off an area of Courthouse Square to show residents the possible footprint of a proposed justice center.

Commissioner Fred Zoeller said due to public speculation and controversy over the use of Courthouse Square, he thought it would be beneficial to place stakes that would mark off a potential justice center.

Because plans to build a shared justice center have not been confirmed by the county or Tiffin, the county would mark off the proposed space as stated by the shared justice center study presented in February.

Zoeller said marking off the area would show residents how much of the green space might be taken up by a courthouse and how much green space might be left.

The stakes and an informational sign would be placed temporarily at no cost to the county.

Zoeller also said the committee discussing use of Courthouse Square during court hours has met and he hopes to come to a conclusion soon.

Commissioners agreed last week that weekend events could occur on Courthouse Square.

In another matter, County Administrator Stacy Wilson said single-parent families were excluded from proposed changes to the county’s wellness program.

The County Employee Benefits Consortium of Ohio is taking over the program.

Eligible employees earn points by undertaking certain healthy activities and, when a certain level of participation is reached, incentives are rewarded.

Previously, the county provided a 25-percent reduction in the employee’s premium as incentive. Under the proposed change, the county is to pay $300 as an incentive, while CEBCO is to provide $200 of that total.

The county is to continue to contribute $300 for participation by employees’ spouses, while Wilson said single-parent families would receive only $300 instead of the $700 they receive in the current plan with participation of children who are old enough.

Commissioner Jeff Wagner said the exclusion might mean dwindling participation by single-parent families.

While adding that incentive to the new program would not affect CEBCO’s contribution, Wagner said the county’s contribution still would decrease overall.

The board is to suggest the change to the Health Advisory Committee.

In other business, Wilson also said the Public Safety Building’s copy machine continues to have issues and needs to be replaced. After looking into getting a new one from the current company, Wilson said the county would have to pay a penalty and interest for receiving a new machine.

MT Business Technologies Inc. has offered to pay off the lease for the machine, return it to the other company and lease the county a better machine at minimal cost. The lease would include supplies, including paper and toner, and maintenance, she said.

The cost increase would be small, but Wilson said the county would have to appropriate funds at a later date.

EMS Director Ken Majors said the Bloomville community EMS committee is to meet at 6 p.m. Sept. 14 at the Bloomville Fire Station.

In new business, the board approved:

A supplemental appropriation of $42,000 to the Maintenance and Repair Fund.

A resolution authorizing the board to enter into the Issue 1 Round 29 Cooperative Agreements with the Seneca County Township boards of trustees.

A resolution authorizing Stacy to submit an application to participate in and execute contracts for the Ohio Public Works Commission State Capital Improvement and/or Local Transportation Improvement Program(s).

Bill vouchers.