Commissioners looking into better maintenance of county archives

Seneca County commissioners decided during their meeting Thursday to look into what the county could do to better maintain county archives.

Commissioner Fred Zoeller said he looked at the county’s archives at the county complex on SR 100 and said much of the books are not on shelves and are affected by the building’s leaking roof.

“It’s not the best situation,” he said. “I think long term, we need to address how we handle records in this county.”

He suggested addressing the issue of the leaks and moving the books onto shelves. He also said the county should start adding money into next year’s budget to maintain the records.

County Administrator Stacy Wilson said county departments such as the Seneca County Department of Job and Family Services and the Clerk of Courts office have been scanning documents, but often do not want to get rid of the hard copies.

Wilson said she also received an estimate for fixing the roof, which would cost about $5,000.

Board President Holly Stacy suggested looking into what neighboring counties do with their archives.

The board also is to schedule a presentation from a company that would scan the county’s documents.

Seneca Conservation District Program Administrator Tia Rice also presented the revised farm lease at the Seneca County Airport to the board.

She said several modifications to the old lease and additional provisions to protect the value of the farm and protect the county from liability.

Included in the revised lease are requirements such as following specific guidelines in order to be eligible for future farm programs, preventing soil erosion and maintaining a nutrient management plan.

The board is to consider approving the lease modifications.

Zoeller said Ohio Department of Transportation is to meet with SR 53 Coalition stakeholders today to unveil the overview of their recommendations for work to make SR 53 safer.

Zoeller also said he has received questions about a proposed pipeline in Eden Township.

Commissioner Jeff Wagner said the project is through the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission and is undergoing environmental and archeological reviews. After the reviews are completed, the FERC would look into purchasing easements for the pipeline.

For more information, contact the Seneca County Farm Bureau at (419) 447-3091.

As the commissioners are to attend Attica Independent Fair Tuesday, the board session has been moved to 11 a.m.

In other business, the board


An appropriation adjustment of $33,150 within the Capital Projects Fund.

Appropriation adjustments of $36.50 for the Public Assistance Fund.

Supplemental appropriations of $754.14 for the Delinquent Care and Custody Grant Fund.

A resolution authorizing an agreement with Clouse Professionals Inc. for repairs to the RTA Building.

Bill vouchers.