Attica Fair results, Aug. 11

Senior Fair


Annual Flowers

Amaranthus: 1st and 2nd, Maxine Heyman.

Canna: 1st, Maxine Heyman.

Cosma: 1st, Eric Heyman.

Dahlia, Cactus: 1st, Janine Riedlinger, Tiffin.

Dahlia, Pom Pom: 1st, Jane Wurm.

Gladiolus: 1st, Susan Shade; 2nd, Janine Riedlinger.

Marigold, Large: 1st, Jane Wurm.

Money Plant: 1st, Jane Wurm.

Pansy: 1st, Maxine Heyman.

Petunia, Double: 1st, Courtney Meyers, Attica.

Petunia, Single: 1st, Lilly Schiefer.

Petunia, Bi-Color: 1st, Courtney Meyers; 2nd, Jane Wurm.

Salvia: 1st, Janine Riedlinger.

Snapdragon, Dwarf: 2nd, Jane Wurm.

Snapdragon, Tall: 1st, Jane Wurm.

Sunflower, Smallest: 1st, Valerie Bordner.

Zinnia, Large: 1st, Marilyn Kochel, Attica; 2nd, Jane Wurm.

Zinnia, Pom Pom: 1st and 2nd, Marilyn Kochel.

Perennial Flowers

Astible: 1st, Maxine Heyman.

Blackeyed Susan: 1st, Lilly Schiefer; 2nd, Eric Heyman.

Cardinal Flower: 1st, Maxine Heyman.

Chives: 1st, Janine Riedlinger; 2nd, Rose Reer.

Cone Flower: 1st, Janine Riedlinger.

Chrysanthemum: 1st, Maxine Heyman.

Daisy: 1st, Eric Heyman.

Dianthus: 1st, Maxine Heyman.

Dill: 1st, Rose Reer.

Geranium: 1st, Maxine Heyman.

Hibiscus: 1st, Janine Riedlinger.

Hydrangea: 1st and 2nd, Maxine Heyman.

Lambs Ear: 1st, Jane Wurm.

Lilly, Any Other Kind: 1st, Lilly Schiefer; 2nd, Maxine Heyman.

Parsley: 1st, Rose Reer.

Phlox: 1st and 2nd, Maxine Heyman.

Rose Hybrid, Tea: 1st, Jane Wurm.

Rose of Sharon: 2nd, Rose Reer.

Sedum: 1st, Lilly Schiefer; 2nd, Maxine Heyman.

Sweet Peas: 1st, Maxine Heyman.

Tansy: 1st, Maxine Heyman.

Yarrow: 1st and 2nd, Maxine Heyman.

Potted Plants/

Hanging Baskets

African Violet: 1st, Eric Heyman; 2nd, Maxine Heyman.

Begonia: 1st, Janine Riedlinger.

Caladium: 1st, Maxine Heyman.

Coleus: 1st, Paula Karr.

Geranium: 1st, Janine Riedlinger; 2nd, Maxine Heyman.

Hens and Chicks: 1st, Janine Riedlinger; 2nd, Evelyn Langjahr, Attica.

Impatients: 1st, Janine Riedlinger.

Ivy: 1st, Maxine Heyman.

Philodendron: 1st, Jane Wurm; 2nd, Lilly Schiefer.

Floral Arrangements

Arrangement in a Kitchen Item: 1st, Eric Heyman.

Arrangement in a Cup: 1st, Maxine Heyman; 2nd,, Eric Heyman.

Arrangement With Small Dog: 1st, Maxine Heyman.

Arrangement With Small Cat: 1st, Eric Heyman.

Crescent Shaped Arrangement: 1st, Maxine Heyman.

Arrangement in Bud Vase: 1st, Maxine Heyman.

Best of Show, Floriculture

Annual: Susan Shade.

Perennial: Maxine Heyman.

Potted plants: Eric Heyman.

Floral arrangement: Eric Heyman.

Farm Products


Pontiac: 1st, Jane Wurm; 2nd, Evan Schiefer.

Any other variety: 1st, Kelly Bordner, Attica; 2nd, Evan Schiefer.


Early Girl: 1st, Susan Shade; 2nd, Evan Schiefer.

Better Boy: 1st, Kelly Bordner; 2nd, Susan Shade.

Beef Master: 1st, Kyle Vanderpool.

Any Yellow Tomato: 1st, Kyle Vanderpool; 2nd, Rose Reer.

Italian: 1st, Susan Shade; 2nd, Rose Reer.

Grape Tomato: 1st, Maxine Heyman.

Cherry Tomato: 1st, Kelly Bordner.

Any Other Cluster: 1st, Maxine Heyman.


Yellow: 1st, Evan Schiefer; 2nd, Kelly Bordner.

White: 1st, Kelly Bordner; 2nd, Jane Wurm.


Zucchini for Bread: 1st, Marilyn Kochel; 2nd, Evan Schiefer.

Zucchini for Frying: 1st, Peggy L. Martin, Attica; 2nd, Kyle Vanderpool.

Butternut: 1st, Kyle Vanderpool.


Burpless: 1st, Kyle Vanderpool.

Pickling Size: 1st, Marilyn Kochel; 2nd, Kyle Vanderpool.

Slicing Size: 1st, Peggy L. Martin; 2nd, Marilyn Kochel.


Bell: 1st, Rose Reer; 2nd, Kyle Vanderpool.

Sweet Banana: 1st, Evan Schiefer; 2nd, Rose Reer.

Chili: 1st, Kyle Vanderpool.

Habaners: 1st, Kyle Vanderpool.

Jalapeno: 1st, Kyle Vanderpool; 2nd, Ashley Aichholz.

Wax: 1st, Rose Reer.

Any Other Variety: 1st, Evan Schiefer.


Green: 1st, Susan Shade; 2nd, Rose Reer.

Yellow: 1st, Jane Wurm.

Any Other Variety Beans: 1st, Marilyn Kochel.

Peas: 1st, Kelly Bordner; 2nd, Marilyn Kochel.

Baby Lima, Dried: 1st, Jane Wurm.

Kidney: 1st, Jane Wurm.

Root Vegetables

Carrots: 1st, Jane Wurm.

Red Beets: 1st, Kelly Bordner; 2nd, Jane Wurm.


Early: 1st, Evan Schiefer; 2nd, Peggy L. Martin.

Late: 1st, Evan Schiefer.

Red: 1st, Jane Wurm.


Broccoli: 1st, Ashley Aichholz; 2nd, Evan Schiefer.

Rhubarb: 1st, Jane Wurm; 2nd, Maxine Heyman.

Celery: 1st, Jane Wurm.


Field Pumpkin: 1st, Evan Schiefer.


Watermelon: 1st, Peggy L. Martin.

Muskmelon: 1st, Evan Schiefer; 2nd, Peggy L. Martin.

Grapes: 1st, Jane Wurm; 2nd, Kyle Vanderpool.

Apples: 1st, Jane Wurm.

Berries: 1st, Jane Wurm; 2nd, Rose Reer.

Field Crops

Wheat: 1st, Rose Reer.

Corn: 1st, Evan Schiefer.

Soybeans: 1st, Evan Schiefer.

Field Corn Stalks: 1st, Evan Schiefer.

Largest or Oddest


Heaviest Tomato: 1st, Kyle Vanderpool.

Heaviest Zucchini: 1st, Marilyn Kochel; 2nd, Jane Wurm.

Heaviest Pepper: 1st, Niki Schiefer; 2nd, Kyle Vanderpool.

Longest Cucumber: 1st, Kyle Vanderool.

Oddest Looking Vegetable: 1st and 2nd, Kyle Vanderpool.


Vegetable: 1st, Janine Rieldinger; 2nd, Kyle Vanderpool.

Pepper: 1st, Kyle Vanderpool.

Tomato: 1st, Kyle Vanderpool.


Lady: 1st, Eric Heyman; Lilly Schiefer.

Vegetable Heads

Mr. Potato Head, Ages 11 and Under: 1st, Lilly Schiefer; 2nd, Valerie Bordner, Attica; Ava Deel; Jada Deel; Carline Kagy; Evan Schiefer.

Mr. Zucchini Head, Adults: 1st, Lisa Deel.

Best of Show, Field Crops

Field Crops: Evan Schiefer.

Displays: Janine Riedlinger.

Best of Show, Vegetables

Potatoes: Kelly Bordner.

Tomatoes, Regular: Kyle Vanderpool; Cluster: Maxine Heyman.

Onions: Kelly Bordner.

Squash: Kyle Vanderpool.

Cucumbers: Peggy L. Martin.

Peppers: Kyle Vanderpool.

Beans: Susan Shade.

Peas: Susan Shade.

Carrots: Jane Wurm.

Cabbage: Evan Schiefer.

Rhubarb: Jane Wurm.

Attica Has Talent Show

1st: Gene Gregor and Dani Coppus, Attica; 2nd: Darcy Young and Cory Jolly, Clyde; 3rd: Patrick Jaeckin; 4th: Cody Appeman, Monroeville.

Others: Mandi Breyman, in Army, stationed in Hawaii; Keith Scouten, Attica; Kalean Vogt, Bellevue.

Seneca East Athletic Boosters Cornhole Tournament

Friday Night: 1st, Jack Daniels and Johnny Diehm; 2nd, Wyatt Holman and Jacob Hahler.

Saturday Night: 1st, Jim Park and Brandon Corvidvin; 2nd, Stacia Pugh and Christine Papcke; 3rd, Dave Behney and Ryan Bishop; 4th, Dave Reese and Steve Bishop.

Second Chance Winners: Cal Miller and Cody Tanner.

Garden Tractor Pull

14 H/P Stock, Light: Brandon Perry, Monroeville; 2nd, Bryan Schaller, Stoney Ridge; 3rd, Dewe (Abbie) Brocwell, Mt. Gilead; 4th, Cole Perry, Monroeville; 5th, Jessica Brocwell, Mt. Gilead; 6th, Ben Hall, Stoney Ridge; 7th, Britney Lykins; 8th, Brianna Lykins; 9th, Norm Lucius, New Washington; 10th, Cole Hudson; 11th, Nate Buchman, Bloomdale; 12th, Savlee Shatzer; 13th, Justin Perry, Monroeville; 14th, Doug Shatzer.

12 H/P Stock Altered, Light: 1st, John Dewald, Bascom; 2nd, Katelynn Shellhammer, Fostoria; 3rd, Chase Wright; 4th, Alex Theis, Bloomville; 5th, Kyle Hudson.

Twin, Light: Mark Laibe, Tiffin; 2nd, Jeff Powers; 3rd, Sandy Wise, McCutchenville; 4th, John Krouse.

16 H/P Stock Altered, Light: 1st, Dick Miller; 2nd, Mike Hall, Stoney Ridge; 3rd, Wes (Red); 4th, John Dewald; 5th, Lee Dewald.

Open, Light: 1st, Dick Miller; 2nd, Mark Laibe; 3rd, Kenny Lucius; 4th, John Krouse; 5th, Sandy Wise.

14 H/P Stock, Heavy: 1st, Bryan Schaller; 2nd, Brandon Perry; 3rd, Jessica Brocwell; 4th, Dewe (Abbie) Brocwell; 5th, Ben Hall; 6th, Norm Lucius; 7th, Cole Perry.

12 H/P Stock Altered, Heavy: 1st, John Dewald; 2nd, Katelynn Shellhammer; 3rd, Grant Theis; 4th, Chase Wright; 5th, Kyle Hudson.

Twin, Heavy: 1st, Jeff Powers; 2nd, Sandy Wise; 3rd, Mark Laibe; 4th, John Krouse.

16 H/P Stock Altered, Heavy: 1st, Dick Miller; 2nd, Lee Dewald; 3rd, Mike Hall; 4th, Wes (Red); 5th, John Dewald; 6th, Wes (Red); 7th, Andy Felter.

Antique Tractors

Featured Tractor Case

1st, John Rupp, 1956 Case 300; 2nd, Jerry Kelbley, 1951 Case D.C.

A: 1, Justin Albright, Willard, 1955 Case 400; 2, Aichholz Farms, Attica, 1951 Case VAI with Mower; 3, Jim Alt, Bellevue, 1937 AC-WC; 4, Jim Alt, 1953 AC-WD6.

B: 5, Adam Bauman, Monroeville, 1952 AC-WD; 6, Jenny Beard, Attica, 1939 JD-B; 7, Jeremy Beard, Attica, 1942 Farmall H; 8, Jim Beard, Attica, 1950 JD-A and Wagon; 9, Joshua Beard, Attica, 1957 Farmall-450; 10, Kevin Benfer, Attica, 1949 Ford 8N With/Disk; 11, Kevin Benfer, 1941 Ford 9N With/Plow; 12, Dillon Bogner, Tiffin, 1957 JD 720.


1, Matt Bischoff, 1984, Yamaha 225 DX; 2, Matt Bischoff, 1985, Yamaha 125; 3, Josh Drown, Republic, 1985 Honda ATC 70; 4, Josh Drown, 1973 Honda ATC 70; 5, Leah Drown, 1980 Honda 110; 6, Jeff Geary, 1986 Honda 200X; 7, Wyatt Holman, Attica, 1985 Honda ATC 70; 8, Brandon Martin, Attica, 2005 Mini Chopper; 9, John Miller, Castalia, 1986 Honda 350X; 10, Rod Miller, Republic, 1985 Honda 70; 11, Kayleigh Walliser, Attica, 1985 Honda ATC 70; 12, Kolton Walliser, Attica, 1983 Honda ATC 70; 13, Lexy Willman, Attica, 1984 Honda 200X; 14, Paul Willman, Attica, 1988 Honda TRX250R; 15, Tom Willman, Attica, 1984 Honda 200X, in memory of Steve Willman.

D: 13, Johnny Diehm, Attica, 1966 JD 3020; 14, Ed Dillinger, Bloomville, 1951 Oliver 88; 15, Ed Dillinger, 1949 Oliver 77.

F: 16, Bill Featheringill, Willard, 1947 Farmall M; 17, Nancy Featheringill, Willard, 1952 Farmall Super M; 18, Brock Ferres, Bellevue, 1953 Ford Jubilee, in memory of Tom Miller; 19, Richard Fankhauser, Tiffin, 1948 M M G; 20, Richard Fankhauser, 1956 AC WD 45.

G: 21, Amy Guttenberg, Attica, 1967 JD 112 Hyd Lift.

H: 22, Ben Hahler, Willard, 1948 Farmall C; 23, David and Marvin Holman, Willard, 1951 Ford 8N V8; 24, Kasey Hossler, Bettsville, 1951 JD G; 25, Kennedy Hossler, Bettsville, 1958 JD 630; 26, Tyler Hossler, Bettsville, 1953 JD 60.

K: 27, Ben Kelbley, Tiffin, 1962 JD 4010; 28, Ben Kelbley, 1949 Case Vac; 29, Jerry Kelbley, Tiffin, 1951 Case SC; 30, Jerry Kelbley, 1951 Case DC.

L: 31, Brian Lykins, Willard, 1947 Farmall H.

M: 32, Jim Marquart, Tiffin, 1949 Ford 8N; 33, John Martin, Attica, 1974 Oliver 2255; 34, Dea Miller, Bellevue, 1953 AC WD 45; 35, Dean and Cole Miller, Bellevue, 1949 AC G; 36, Gerry Miller, Republic, 1965 IH 806; 37, Mark Miller, Tiffin, 1940 Ford 9N.

N: 38, Korey Newell, Republic, 1956 INT 300.

P: 39, Matt Potts, Republic, 1950 Farmall H.

R: 40, Dianne Randall, Old Fort, JD 112; 41, Steve and Ed Rau, Old Fort, 1936 JD D; 42, Dennis Reer Family, Attica, 1967 JD 4020; 43, Kori Reichert, Attica, 1952 Farmall Super C; 44, Benny Ritz, Attica, 1969 JD 4000; 45, John Rupp, Tiffin, 1956 Case 300.

S: 46, Don Schafer, Bloomville, 1957 JD 820; 47, Jim and Rosalie Schetter, Tiffin, 1952 Ford 8N; 48, Jacob Shoen, Republic, 1954 Farm-all MTA; 49, Joe Schoen, Republic, 1971 Studer built Simplicity; 50, Gary Seasly, Republic, 1947 AC WF; 51, Steve Smith, Republic, 1944 Farmall H With Sub Soiler IHC No. 2; 52, Jim Stacklin, Attica, 1959 AC D 14; 53, Jim Stacklin, 1965 D 17 Series 4; 54, Jim Stacklin, 1967 D 15; 55, Marvin Stacklin, Attica, 1956 AC CA; 56, Marvin Stacklin, 1961 AC D-10; 57, Marvin Stacklin, 1952 AC WD; 58, Marvin Stacklin, 1948 AC B.

W: 59, Jim and Nadine Ward Family, New Riegel, 1952 Farm-all W9; 60, Jim and Nadine Ward, 1950 Farmall H; 61, Jim and Nadine Ward, 1947 Farmall H; 62, Tom Weaver Family, Attica, 1938 Oliver Row Crop 80 (Bought new by Harry Weaver and has stayed in Weaver family); 63: Tom Willman, Attica, 1945 Farmall H (Bought new by Tom’s father, HJ Willman); 64: Tom Willman, 1952 JD A; 65: Marilyn Willman, Attica, 1948 Ford 8N With Mower (Bought new by Marilyn’s father, John A. Phillips); 66: Paul Willman, Attica, 1948 JD B (Previous owner, Paul Schriner); 67: Paul Willman, 1939 Farmall F-14 (Previous Owner, John Damschroder, only steel wheeled); 68: Donna Willman, Bloomville, 1950 Farmall M (Bought new by Donna’s grandfather, John A. Phillips); 69: Shane Willman, Attica, 1971 JD 4320 (Newest Tractor, 43 Years Old).

Saturday (Finals) Kids Pedal Pull

Weight 25-35 Pounds: 1st, Payton Watson; 2nd, Isaac Nelson; 3rd, Baylee Schwab; 4th, Tyler Bischoff; 5th, Adelyn Barnett.

Weight 36-45 Pounds: 1st, Ava Deel; 2nd, Trey Miller; 3rd, Lydia Ruffing; 4th, Donald Fourtner; 5th, Kyle Kreh; 6th, Cadi Schwab; 7th, Thomas Schiefer; 8th, Logan Price; 9th, Jordyn Enders; 10th, Colton McConnell; 11th, Matthew Drown.

Weight 45-55 Pounds: 1st, Evan Schiefer; 2nd, Alyssa Heiser; 3rd, Sage Miller; 4th, Vincent French; 5th, Isabel Stockmaster; 6th, Blake Bumb; 7th, Valerie Bordner; 8th, Dillon Vogel; 9th, Amber Bischoff; 10th, Austin Fourtner.

Weight 56-65 Pounds: 1st, Jada Deel; 2nd, Will Bischoff; 3rd, Noah Young; 4th, Leah Drown; 5th, Ayden Zack; 6th, Alex Shade; 7th, Caden Bumb; 8th, Cahen Meyers; 9th, Gavin Shook; 10th, Lilly Schiefer; 11th, Elyse Bischoff.

Junior Fair

Clean Barn Awards

Tuesday: Attica Dairy, Hogs.

Wednesday: Roots and Wings, Chickens.

Thursday: Bloomville Beef and Feeders, Beef.

Friday: 4-H Guys and Gals, Rabbits.

Saturday: Seneca East FFA, Sheep.

Overall Clean Barn Award: Bloomville Beef and Feeders, Beef.