Lacking quorum, board hears reports

Seneca County Board of Developmental Disabilities met Tuesday afternoon but was unable to conduct official business as a quorum was not present.

In his monthly report, Superintendent Lew Hurst presented a video highlighting Nancy Thaler, director of the National Directors Association of Developmental Disabilities, speaking at the State County Board Association annual meeting. She discussed long-term support for the developmentally disabled.

Hurst said long-term support is questionable and the board needs to look at ways to support families in the future. He said in some families, adult children are being called on to support a developmentally disabled child or family member as parents get older.

In Adult Services Director Rod Biggert’s report, he said the bistro at Tiffin Mercy Hospital is doing well. He shared a concern about clients trying the community employment first initiative before they apply for sheltered workshops. They are finding clients who should be in workshops are sitting idle, waiting for an opening in the workshops.

Children’s Services Director Rick Gagnon said summer school for 14 younger students has been completed and now eight older students are enjoying going on outings. He said the early intervention playgroups have had good involvement this summer.

Cynthia Morrison said the STIRS group is filming a disability rights video. Board members were extended an invitation to the Opportunity Center family picnic starting at 6 p.m. Thursday.

Transportation Director Ron Davidson said the bus fleet is to undergo its’ annual state inspection July 29.

In other matters:

The sale of a Northland Homes property. Hurst is to meet with Fostoria Mayor Eric Keckler and Seneca County Commissioner Fred Zoeller about the issue today.

Presented the proposed County Board Administrative Rule changes.

Focus groups are to meet in late August or early September, followed by a board retreat in October to start formulating and having a strategic plan in place by the end of October.

Presented the Disability Rights Ohio concern regarding the developmentally disabled being segregated in intermediate care facilities or state-operated developmental centers.

The 169 Board plans a special meeting to conduct unfinished business and the regular board meeting is at 5 p.m. Aug. 12.