Giving back

One 4-Her exhibiting several champion animals used Sunday’s Seneca County Fair livestock sale to give back.

David Sours, a member of the Seneca County Junior Beef 4-H club, exhibited a market lamb selected as the grand champion and a beef feeder named grand champion beef feeder and grand champion county calf feeder.

He donated $1,000 from the sale of Brentley, his grand champion market lamb, to an effort dedicated to raising money to purchase pens for the county fair. The pens currently are borrowed from fairs in Attica and Wyandot County.

Sours said officials are trying to get money saved to get their own pens so they don’t have to borrow them.

The total amount raised for the lambs at the sale was $29,214, a sale official said. The total bid for Sours’ grand champion lamb was $2,850.

“I was definitely happy with that amount,” he said.

Sours said he had been thinking throughout the week about an opportunity to give money to the pen fund and had the idea to give money from his livestock sale transaction Thursday.

“If (people) can help out in any way possible, I think they should,” he said.

This was Sours’ second year showing lambs, and he just finished his 10th year in 4-H. He graduated from a homeschooling program this year and is to attend Walsh University to study marketing and administration.