Fair sale total up nearly $88K

The total raised in this year’s Seneca County Fair’s livestock sale increased by nearly $88,000 over the previous year’s total, according to preliminary figures.

The two-day sale took in $545,060, compared to $457,246 in 2013. The total continually has increased over the past several years, taking in $328,408 in 2009, $396,238 in 2010, $412,976 in 2011 and $426,055 in 2012, according to preliminary totals.

“(There are) generous buyers out there,” said sale volunteer Craig Wagner.

Every species except goats and steers/heifers saw an increase over the prior year’s totals. The goat total decreased by about $600, and the total raised from steers/heifers decreased by about $6,000.

There were 633 sale transactions, and animals sold weighed a total of more than 165,000 pounds.

Of the $545,060 collected during the sale, $281,000 was raised through commercial bids. The remaining amount represented the market prices.

Megan Fredritz, sale coordinator, said meat prices are higher.

“Our base bids were amazing,” she said.

This year, officials changed how commodities were handled in the auction.

In the past, donations were sought to be divided between exhibitors of goat milk, dairy milk and a bag of wool. This year, each exhibitor went through the sale ring.

Fredritz said the new practice recognizes the youths more individually for their projects.

“I think it did (go well). Breeding projects are never easy. It’s a yearlong project,” she said.

Scott and Stacey Kiesel ran the buyers group again this year. The buyers group collects money for exhibitors who don’t have support and also bids for people who cannot attend the sale.

“It ranges from $25 to $2,500,” Scott Kiesel said of individual donations.

Scott Kiesel said more than 100 people contributed this year, and the group brought in more than $30,000, which was several thousand dollars more than it raised last year. Fewer people attend the sale and instead are having the group bid.

“We really appreciate all the donations we get,” he said.

Fredritz said the sale is staffed by volunteers, and the group always needs more help. She expressed appreciation for the buyers and that storms held off.