Fair results, July 24

Senior Fair

Open Class/

Jackpot Swine

Breeding Gilt

January: 1st, Katelyn Shellhammer, Tiffin.

February: 1st, Kailyn Ledwedge, Tiffin; 2nd, Collin Anway, Tiffin.

Champion: Kailyn Ledwedge; Reserve: Katelynn Shellhammer.


Class Winners, Barrows

Class 3: Zach Zoeller; Class 4: Mackensie Ward, Tiffin; Class 5: Amanda Holman; Class 6: Tyler Hayman, McCutchenville; Class 7: Price Family, Tiffin; Class 8: Austin Shock; Class 9: Katelyn Shellhammer; Class 10: Price Family; Class 11: Allison Adelsperger.


Lightweight: Tyler Hayman; Reserve: Price Family.

Heavyweight: Katelyn Shellhammer; Reserve: Allison Adelsperger, Tiffin.

Barrow: Katelyn Shellhammer; Reserve: Mackenzie Ward.

Class Winners, Gilts

Class 12: Zach Zoeller; Class 13: Spencer Stickey; Class 14: Shelby Bollinger, Tiffin; Class 15: Emma Shellhammer, Tiffin; Class 16: Alayna Hessick; Class 17: Lauren Buskirk; Class 18: Allison Fortney, Tiffin; Class 19: Collin Anway.


Lightweight: Shelby Bollinger; Reserve: Emma Shellhammer.

Heavyweight: Allison Fortney; Reserve: Collin Anway.

Gilt: Allison Fortney; Reserve: Collin Anway

Overall Grand Champion: Allison Fortney; Reserve: Katelyn Shellhammer.


Standard Chickens

Barred Plymouth Rock

Pullet: 1st and 2nd, Kaileigh Smith, Tiffin.

Jersey Black Giant

Old Hen: 1st and 2nd, Lauren Buskirk, Tiffin.

S.C. Rhode Island Red

Old Hen: 1st and 3rd, Tyler Turek, Bloomville; 2nd, Lauren Buskirk.

Pullet: 1st and 2nd, Corey Andrews, Bellevue; 3rd, Tyler Turek.


Pullet: 1st and 2nd, Tyler Turek.

Light Brahma

Old Hen: 1st, Lauren Buskirk.

Buff Brahma

Pullet: 1st, Maris Kiser, Republic.

S.C. Dark Brown Leghorn

Cockerel: 1st and 2nd, Elli French, Bloomville.

Pullet: 1st and 2nd, Elli French.

Buff Orpington

Old Hen: 1st, Tyler Turek.

Pullet: 1st, 2nd, and 3rd, Tyler Turek.

Speckled Sussex

Pullet: 1st and 2nd, Kaileigh Smith.

Black Sumatra

Old Hen: 1st, Elli French.

Cockbird: 1st, Elli French.


Cockerel: 1st and 2nd, Lauren Buskirk.

Grand Champion Standard: Corey Andrews with Rhode Island Red Pullet Entry; Reserve: Corey Andrews with Rhode Island Red Pullet Entry.

Bantam Chickens

Black Cochin

Pullet: 1st and 2nd, Elli French.

Millie Fleur

Cockerel: 1st and 2nd, Elli French.

Old Hen: 1st, Audrey Buskirk, Tiffin.

Pullet: 1st and 2nd, Elli French.

Cockbird: 1st, Audrey Buskirk.

Orcelain D’Uccle

Pullet: 1st, Elli French.

S.C. Dark Brown Leghorn

Pullet: 1st and 2nd, Tyler Turek.

Black Japanese

Cockerel: 1st, Elli French.

Pullet: 1st, Elli French.

S.C. Rhode Island Red

Cockerel: 1st, Corey Andrews; 2nd and 3rd, Tyler Turek.

Old Hen: 1st, Corey Andrews.

Pullet: 1st, Corey Andrews; 2nd, Tyler Turek.

Cockbird: 1st, Corey Andrews.

Golden Sebright

Cockerel: 1st, Maris Kiser.

Silver Sebright

Cockerel: 1st and 2nd, Donovan Kiser, Republic.

Old Hen: 1st, Audrey Buskirk.

Cockbird: 1st, Audrey Buskirk.

White Bearded Silkie

Old Hen: 1st, Lauren Buskirk.

Cockbird: 1st, Lauren Buskirk.

A.O.V. Silkie

Pullet: 1st and 2nd, Rafe Norman, Republic.

BB Red Old English

Old Hen: 1st, Audrey Buskirk.

Silver Duckwing

Old English

Old Hen: 1st, Rafe Norman.

Cockbird: 1st, Rafe Norman.

Grand Champion Bantam: Corey Andrews with Rhode Island Red Cockbird Entry; Reserve: Corey Andrews with Rhode Island Red Cockerel Entry.


White Call

Young Drake: 1st, Elli French.

Young Duck: 1st, Elli French.

Grey Call

Young Drake: 1st, 2nd and 3rd, Vivian Robinson, Tiffin.

Young Duck: 1st, 2nd and 3rd, Vivian Robinson.

A.O.V. Call

Old Drake: 1st and 2nd, Vivian Robinson.

Young Drake: 1st, Madison Norman, Republic.

Young Duck: 1st, Madison, Norman.

Khaki Campbell

Old Duck: 1st and 2nd, Gavin Robinson, Tiffin.

Black Cayuga

Old Drake: 1st, Jennifer Kuebler, Tiffin.

Old Duck: 1st and 2nd, Jennifer Kuebler.


Young Drake: 1st, Heather Riedlinger, Tiffin; 2nd, Bryana Riedlinger, Tiffin; 3rd, Tyler Turek.

A.O.V. Runner

Old Drake: 1st, Jennifer Kuebler.

Old Duck: 1st, Jennifer Kuebler.

Grand Champion Duck: Vivian Robinson with Grey Call Young Female Entry; Reserve: Gavin Robinson with Khaki Campbell Old Duck Entry.



Young Gander: 1st, Elli French.

White Chinese

Young Gander: 1st, Vivian Robinson.

Young Goose: 1st and 2nd, Vivian Robinson.


Young Gander: 1st, 2nd and 3rd, Gavin Robinson.

Young Goose: 1st, Gavin Robinson.

Grand Champion Geese: Vivian Robinson with White Chinese Young Goose Entry; Reserve: Gavin Robins with Pilgrim Young Gander Entry.


A.O.V. Turkey

Young Cock: 1st and 2nd, Lauren Buskirk.

Grand Champion Turkey: Lauren Buskirk with A.O.V. Young Tom Entry; Reserve: Lauren Buskirk with A.O.V. Young Tom Entry.

Best of Show Overall: Corey Andrews with Rhode Island Red Cock Bantam Entry; Reserve: Corey Andrews with Rhode Island Red Standard Pullet Entry.



Grand Champion Female: Heath Hamer, Green Springs, with Junior Yearling Heifer Entry.

Maine Anjou

Champion Bull: Oakridge Farms, Bloomville, with Summer Yearling Bull Entry.


Grand Champion Female: Rod Vogel, Bloomville with Senior Yearling Heifer Entry; Reserve: Rod Vogel with Summer Yearling Heifer Entry.

Champion Bull: Rod Vogel with Junior Yearling Bull Entry; Reserve: Lee Vogel, Bloomville, with Summer Yearling Bull Entry.

Pair of Calves: Rod Vogel.

Pair of Yearlings: Rod Vogel.

Get of Sire: Rod Vogel.



Hand Quilted

Hand Appliqued: 1st, Emily Smith, Republic.

Pieced: 1st, Teresa Cleveland, Green Springs.

Antique Quilt: 1st, Elizabeth Buko-Kiesel, Bloomville.

Crib Quilt, Embroidered: 2nd, Barb Houck, Tiffin.

Machine Quilted

Free Motion: 1st, Teresa Cleveland; 2nd, Linda Gray, Tiffin.


Most Unusual: 1st, Karen Decker, Fostoria.

Wall Hanging, 45-60″: 1st, Teresa Cleveland.

Best of Show: Teresa Cleveland with Machine Quilt Free Motion Entry.

Best Exhibit Hand Quilted and Judged on Stitches: Teresa Cleveland with Hand quilted Best Stitch Entry.

Best Harmony of Color and Material: Linda Gray.


Afghan Stitch: 1st, Anneliese Rochester, Tiffin.

Granny Stitch: 1st, Susie Kelbley, Tiffin.

Popcorn Stitch: 1st, Bernita Thom, Tiffin; 2nd, Susie Kelbley.

Any Not Listed: 1st, Brandy McQuistion, Tiffin; 2nd, Jean Haren, Tiffin.


Bedspread: 1st, Mary Ann Hohman, Tiffin.

Best of Show: Brandy McQuistion with Any Not Listed Entry.

Pillowcases, Pair

Embroidered, Hand: 1st, Rita Yost, Fostoria.


Crochet/Knit: 1st, Jean Haren; 2nd, Susie Kelbley.

Any Not Listed: 1st, Barb Houck.

Best of Show: Jean Haren with Knit Entry.


Embroidered, Hand: 1st and 2nd, Lori Krupp, Fostoria.

Towels, Doilies,


and Handkerchiefs

Embroidered, Hand: 1st, Susie Kelbley; 2nd, Bernita Thom.

Tablerunner, Buffet, Dresser, Place Sets,

Chair Sets

Cross Stitched, Counted: 2nd, Brandy McQuistion.

Any Not Listed: 1st, Bernita Thom.

Crocheted Wearing Apparel

and Accessories

Stole/Shawl/Poncho: 1st, Jean Haren.

Scarf/Collar: 1st, Jean Haren; 2nd, Barb Houck.

Hat/Purse: 1st, Jean Haren.

Any Not Listed: 1st, Bernita Thom.

Knitted Wearing Apparel

and Accessories

Scarf: 1st, Mary Ann Hohman; 2nd, Jean Haren.

Hat/Purse: 1st, Jean Haren.

Mittens/Gloves: 1st and 2nd, Jean Haren.

Infant Items


Crochet: 1st and 2nd, Bernita Thom.

Hand Knit: 1st, Sharon Baxter; 2nd, Mary Ann Hohman.

Sweater, Cap

and Bootie Set

Crochet: 1st, Jean Haren.

Hand Knit: 1st, Jean Haren.

Any Not Listed: 1st, Jean Haren; 2nd, Gail Rini, Clyde.

Best of Show in Yarn Classes: Jean Haren with Infant Pink Tank Top.

Machine Sewing


Jumper/Skirt: 1st, Jenna Gabel, New Riegel.

Best of Show Machine Sewing: Jenna Gabel with Skirt Entry.


Latch Hook: 1st, Rita Yost; 2nd, Lori Lutes, Tiffin.

Woven Rag: 1st and 2nd, Joan Eberhard, Clyde.

Any Not Listed: 1st, Mary Ann Hohman; 2nd, Gail Rini.


Best Dressed, Under 15″: 1st, Rita Yost.

Stuffed Animal, Teddy Bears: 1st, Barb Houck.

Stuffed Animals: 1st, Margaret Morehart, Tiffin.

Crocheted/Knitted Novelties: Tied 1st, Jean Haren; Margaret Morehart; 3rd, Margaret Morehart.

Any Not Listed: 1st, Amanda Wildman, Tiffin; 2nd, Margaret Morehart.

Best of Show: Margaret Morehart with Tooth Fairy Pockets.

Hats or Bags

Any Not Listed: 1st, Barb Houck.

Pictures and Wall Hangings

Cross Stitched, Stamped, Under 12″: 1st, Rita Yost.

Cross Stitched, Counted, Under 12″: 1st, Robert Henricks, Fostoria; 2nd, Nichole Gillmor, Green Springs; Over 19″: Nichole Gillmor.

Best of Show: Nichole Gillmor with 19″ and Over Cross Stitch Entry.


Potholder/Napkins/Breadcloths/Tablemats: 1st, Susie Kelbley.

Any Not Listed: 1st and 2nd, Barb Houck.

Holiday Decorations

Easter: 1st, Robert Hendricks; 2nd, Gail Rini.

Patriotic: 1st, Margaret Morehart; 2nd, Robert Hendricks.

Halloween: 1st, Margaret Morehart; 2nd, Robert Hendricks.

Thanksgiving: 1st, Barb Houck.

Christmas, Table Display: 1st, Brie Streacker.

Best of Show: Robert Henricks with Easter Decoration Entry.

Best of Needlework Department: Nichole Gillmor with Cross Stitch 19″ and Over Entry.

Junior Fair


English Horses

Horseless Horse Showmanship: 1st, Haylee Steinmetz, Clinton Farmers; 2nd, Katrina Williams, Roots and Wings; 3rd, Sommer Oldham, Roots and Wings.

Ground Roping: 1st, Nikki Morter, Rough Riders.

Contest Showmanship

Ages 8-13: 1st, Nikki Morter; 2nd, Wyatt Humbert, Kids, Pigs and Udders.

Ages 14-18: 1st, Shelby Bollinger, Rough Riders; 2nd, Kaylin Adair, Seneca Saddle Straddlers.

Horse Showmanship

Ages 8-10: 1st, Jordyn Humbert, Kids, Pigs and Udders; 2nd, Katie Tuck, Rough Riders; 3rd, Brynn Pope, Rough Riders; 4th, Abby Daniel, Seneca Saddle Straddlers; 5th, Kara Davidson, Seneca Saddle Straddlers.

Ages 11-13: 1st, Hanna Snell, Seneca Saddle Straddlers; 2nd, Nikki Morter; 3rd, Wyatt Humbert; 4th, Cami Harben, Rough Riders; 5th, Kim Tuck, Rough Riders.

Ages 14-15: 1st, Taylor Barndt, Seneca Saddle Straddlers; 2nd, Katie Vogel, Rough Riders; 3rd, Skylar Tucker, Rough Riders; 4th, Anna Kin, Rough Riders; 5th, Kaitlyn Borer, Seneca Saddle Straddlers.

Ages 16-18: 1st, Kendalyn Sarka, Rough Riders; 2nd, Makaila Woessner, Rough Riders; 3rd, Lydia Coldiron, Rough Riders.

English Showmanship

Ages 8-13: 1st, Madilyn Slingwine, Kids, Pigs and Udders; 2nd, Chloe Kaple, Rough Riders; 3rd, Mekennah Rettig, Rough Riders.

Ages 14-18: 1st, Taylor Jo Shock, Seneca Saddle Straddlers; 2nd, Shayla Thomas, Rough Riders;

3rd, Chelsea Davidson.



Junior: Jordyn Humbert; Reserve: Hanna Snell.

Senior: Kendalyn Sarka; Reserve: Taylor Barndt.


Pony Halter, Geldings: 1st, Shelby Bollinger.

Grand Champion Pony Gelding: Shelby Bollinger.


Horse Halter, Mares: 1st, Katie Vogel; 2nd, Hanna Snell; 3rd, Kendalyn Sarka; 4th, Katie Tuck; 5th, Chelsea Davidson.

Grand Champion Mare: Katie Vogel; Reserve: Hanna Snell.

Horse Halter, Geldings: 1st, Kim Tuck; 2nd, Wyatt Humbert; 3rd, Anna Kin; 4th, Jordyn Humbert; 5th, Makaila Woessner.

Grand Champion Gelding: Kim Tuck; Reserve: Wyatt Humbert.

English Equitation

Bareback English, (Novice): 1st, Jordyn Humbert; (Ages 8-13): 1st, Hanna Snell; 2nd, Wyatt Humbert; 3rd, Katie Tuck; 4th, Chloe Kaple; (Ages 14-18): 1st, Shayla Thomas; 2nd, Katie Vogel; 3rd, Taylor Barndt; 4th, Chelsea Davidson; 5th, Kendalyn Sarka.

English Equitation (Novice): 1st, Jordyn Humbert; (Ages 8-13): 1st, Wyatt Humbert; 2nd, Nikki Morter; 3rd, Chloe Kaple; 4th, Hanna Snell; 5th, Katie Tuck; (Ages 14-18): 1st, Katie Vogel; 2nd, Kendalyn Sarka; 3rd, Taylor Barndt; 4th, Skylar Tucker; 5th, Lydia Coldiron, Rough Riders.

Champion Equitation

Junior: Wyatt Humbert; Reserve: Katie Tuck.

Senior: Katie Vogel; Reserve: Taylor Barndt.

Walk-Trot: 1st, Cami Harben, Rough Riders.

Hunter Under Saddle (Novice): 1st, Jordyn Humbert; (Ages 8-13): 1st, Hanna Snell; 2nd, Wyatt Humbert; 3rd, Katie Tuck; 4th, Nikki Morter; 5th, Chloe Kaple; (Ages 14-18): 1st, Kendalyn Sarka; 2nd, Katie Vogel; 3rd, Skylar Tucker; 4th, Lydia Coldiron; 5th, Makaila Woessner.

Walk-Trot Under Saddle: 1st, Madilyn Slingwine, Kids, Pigs and Udders.

Crossrails: 1st, Skylar Tucker; 2nd, Katie Vogel.

Equitation Over Fences: 1st, Skylar Tucker.

Hunter Over Fences: 1st, Skylar Tucker.

Hunter Hack: 1st, Skylar Tucker.

English High Point

Junior Champion: Wyatt Humbert; Reserve: Hanna Snell.

Senior Champion: Skylar Tucker; Reserve: Katie Vogel.

4-H Style Revue

Sewing for Others (Ages 8-12): 1st, Cynder Jameson, 4-H Guys and Gals.

Sewing for Others (Ages 13 and Over): 1st, Kady Elchert, Fightin’ 4-H’ers.

Tops for Tweens: 1st, Chloe Wilkinson, Sew Sharp; 2nd, Kindra Ziegler, Republic Rowdy Rednecks; Honorable Mention: Kylie Russell, McCutchenville Wide Awake.

Fun With Clothes: 1st, Emma Heiserman, Sew Sharp; 2nd, Jessica Nye, Fightin’ 4-H’ers; 3rd, Amilia Knisely, Seneca CPA’s.

Sew Fun: 1st, Lauren Gabel, Blue Ribbon Buckeyes; 2nd, Alexis Margraf, Republic Rowdy Rednecks; Honorable Mention: Hope Kreais, Seneca Pens and Friends; Andy Hickman, Sew Sharp.

Look Great for Less: 1st, Lynette Kelbley, Sew Sharp; 2nd, Madison Guth, Sew Sharp; 3rd, Maria Faber, Seneca Pens and Friends; Honorable Mention: Leanne Tiell, Fightin’ 4-H’ers; Brooklyn Marker, 4-H Guys and Gals.

Shopping Savvy: 1st, Alyssa McDannell, Fightin’ 4-H’ers; 2nd, Gidge Elchert, Fightin’ 4-H’ers; 3rd, Adrianna Stock, Sew Sharp.

Accessories for Teens: 1st, Hannah Watson, Town and Country Critters; 2nd, Ashlee Morr, Bloomville Good Luck Sheep.

Active Sportswear: 1st, Samantha Weaver, Sew Sharp.

Sundresses and Jumpers: 1st, Jenna Gabel, Fightin’ 4-H’ers; 2nd, Christine Roberts, Seneca County Jr. Farmers; Honorable Mention: Breanna Hoerig, Sew Sharp; Brianna Factor, Sew Sharp.

Loungewear: 1st, Sarah Molyet, Sew Sharp; 2nd, Casey Siemer, Sew Sharp; 3rd, Marianna Tiell, Fightin’ 4-H’ers; Honorable Mention: Makennah Rettig, Town and Country Critters.

Clothes for Middle School: 1st, Madalyn Reinhart, Fightin’ 4-H’ers; 2nd, Isabelle Lewis, Seneca Helping Hands; Honorable Mention: Kathleen Root, 4-H Guys and Gals; Ashlee Morr, Bloomville Good Luck Sheep.

Dress Up Outfit, Daywear: 1st, Claire Wilson, Thompson Toilers.

Dress Up Outfit, Evening Wear: 1st, Destony Severs, Sew Sharp; 2nd, Alivia Lucius, Victory 4-H.

Outer Layers: 1st, Sophia Wilson, Thompson Toilers; 2nd, Mackenzie Reinhart, Fightin’ 4-H’ers.

Clothes for High School: 1st, Lauren Hamer, Spirit of ’76.

Clothing For Your Career: 1st, Amanda Williams, Sew Sharp; 2nd, Adrianna Stock.

State Fair Participants

Kady Elchert; Jenna Gabel; Lauren Gabel; Lauren Hamer; Emma Heiserman; Cynder Jameson; Lynette Kelbley; Alyssa McDannell; Sarah Molyet: Madalyn Reinhart; Destony Severs; Hannah Watson; Samantha Weaver; Chloe Wilkinson; Claire Wilson; Sophia Wilson; Amanda Williams.


Jada Breidenbach, Seneca Pens and Pals; Ashley Cunningham, Hopewell-Loudon Hog & Dairy; Lauren Hamer; Alyssa Hoerig, Sew Sharp; Isabelle Lewis, Seneca Helping Hands; Alivia Lucius, Victory 4-H; Sarah Molyet; Ashlee Morr, Bloomville Good Luck Sheep; Madison Nesselhauf, Sew Sharp; Julianne Poland, Clinton Farmers; Brynn Pope, Bloomville Beef and Feeders; Kathleen Root, 4-H Guys and Gals; Mackenzie Reinhart; Karah Russell, McCutchenville Wide-Awake; Kylie Russell, McCutchenville Wide-Awake; Destony Severs; Casey Siemer, Sew Sharp; Isaac Snyder; Adrianna Stock; Marianna Tiell, Fightin’ 4-H’ers; Samantha Weaver; Chloe Wilkinson; Amanda Williams; Audra Wilson, Thompson Toilers; Sophia Wilson; Claire Wilson; Jayslynn Woodall, Sew Sharp; Kindra Ziegler, Republic Rowdy Rednecks.

Jane Barton Contest

Ages 9-10: Trophy, Lauren Gabel; Honorable Mention: Audra Wilson, Brianna Factor, Sew Sharp.

Ages 11-12: Trophy, Marianna Tiell; Honorable Mention: Cynder Jameson.

Ages 13-15: Trophy, Madalyn Reinhart; Honorable Mention: Claire Wilson; Kady Elchert.

Ages 16 and Over: Trophy, Mackenzie Reinhart; Honorable Mention: Sophia Wilson; Destony Severs.