Fair results, July 22

Pre-fair 4-H judging

Money Management

Becoming Money Wise: 1st, Brayden Prenzlin; 2nd, Maddie Biedrzycki; 3rd, Joseph Huffman.

Money Fundamentals: 1st, Tricia Morr, Bloomville Good Luck Sheep.

Money Moves: 1st, Ethan Marks, 4-H Guys and Gals; 2nd, Leanne Tiell, Fightin’ 4-H’ers; 3rd, Ashley Rhodes.

Teens on the Road to Financial Success: 1st, Alix Siemer.

Science, Technology,

Engineering and Math

Rockets Away, Two Liter Bottles: 1st, Brandon Boes, Seneca CPA’s; 2nd, Caleigh Aigler, Blue Ribbon Buckeyes; 3rd, Reagan Zuelzke, Doggon’Its; Honorable Mention: Madelyn Johnston, Cloverleaf Kings and Queens; Bailey Mullins, Blue Ribbon Buckeyes; Matt Chappell, Republic Rowdy Rednecks.

Rockets Away, Fun With Flight: 1st , Trenton Horner, Blue Ribbon Buckeyes.

Rockets Away, Estes Type: 1st, Grant Theis, Eden Jr. Farmers; 2nd, Alex Theis, Eden Jr. Farmers; 3rd, Brandon Gabbier; Honorable Mention: Austin England; Cole Watson.

Radio Controlled Vehicles: 1st, Reece Heckathorn, New Riegel Rawhide and Woolies.

Robotics Level 1, Next Technology: 1st, Isaac Ward, Eden Jr. Farmers.

Science Fun with Kitchen Chemistry: 1st, Mercedes Snyder; 2nd, Rachel Faber; 3rd, Emma Heiserman; Honorable Mention: Bryce Reiter, Republic Rowdy Rednecks; Kael Margraf, McCutchenville Wide-Awake; Darby Franks, Seneca Helping Hands.

Magic of Electricity: 1st, Robbie Lindhorst, Blue Ribbon Buckeyes; 2nd, Marco Milazzo, New Riegel Rawhide and Woolies; 3rd, Matt Chappell; Honorable Mention: Kurt Robinson, Spirit of ’76.

Investigating Electricity: 1st, Heath Hamer, Spirit of ’76; 2nd, Garrett McCoy.

Wired for Power: 1st. Alijah Fuller, Clinton Farmers.

Rope: 1st, Jace Wilson, Thompson Toilers; 2nd, Ryan Shumway, Spirit of ’76.

Crank It Up: 1st, Clayton Melton, 4-H Guys and Gals.

Warm It Up: 1st, Owen England.

Tune It Up: 1st, Bernie Somers, Seneca County Jr. Farmers.

Lawn Care: 1st, Brayden Piper, Seneca Pens and Friends; 2nd, Alex Byrne, 4-H Guys and Gals.

Tractor, Starting Up: 1st, Lantz Snavely, Republic Rowdy Rednecks; 2nd, Eddy Willman, Blue Ribbon Buckeyes; 3rd, Kyle Rumschlag, Blue Ribbon Buckeyes.

Tractor, Gearing Up For Safety: 1st, Wilbur Jameson; 2nd, Denver Staib, Hopewell-Loudon Hog and Dairy.

Tractor, Moving Out: 1st, Brian Wood, New Riegel Rawhide and Woolies.

ATV Safety: 1st, Gavan Kelly, Eden Jr. Farmers; 2nd, Garrett Kelly, Eden Jr. Farmers.

Arcs and Sparks, Welding: 1st, Luke Bowerman, Republic Rowdy Rednecks; 2nd, Kaylynn Goshe, No Limits; 3rd, Zavier Sherman, Clinton Farmers.

Self Determined

1st, Katie Garrison, Seneca County Jr. Farmers; 2nd, Colby Miller, Buckeye Clover Bunch; 3rd, Collin McGough, Spirit of ’76; Honorable Mention: Alex Byrne; Amanda Williams, Sew Sharp; Ty Bolte, Hopewell-Loudon Hog and Dairy; Ethan Marks; Morgan Cory; Alix Siemer, Ashley Rhodes.

Small Animals

Guinea Pig: 1st, Dannah Smith; 2nd, Tricia Morr; 3rd, Ashlee Morr; Honorable Mention: Charity Noftz, Hopewell-Loudon Hog and Dairy; Natalie Michaels, Jolly Workers.

Cats, Purr-fect Pals, Level 1: 1st, Tarynn Glick, Country Clovers; 2nd, Morgan Cory; 3rd, Faith Egbert, Town and Country Critters; Honorable Mention: Faedra Burrier, Seneca Survivors.

Pocket Pets: 1st, Marina Pennycuff, Town and Country Critters; 2nd, Ben Thompson, Clinton Farmers.


Measuring Up: 1st, Michaela Davidson; 2nd, Jace Margraf, McCutchenville Wide-Awake; 3rd, Chris Klopp, Eden Jr. Farmers; Honorable Mention: Blaine Smith, Republic Rowdy Rednecks; Adrianna Stock; Luke Graham, Seneca Helping Hands; Kaira Staib, McCutchenville Wide-Awake; Whitney Johnston, Clinton Farmers; Zachary Zoeller, Backroad Barnyards.

Making the Cut: 1st, Zachary Young, Victory 4-H; 2nd, Emily Bollinger, Republic Rowdy Rednecks; 3rd, Logan McCoy, Hopewell-Loudon Hog and Dairy; Honorable Mention: Isaac Stover, Town and Country Critters; Jacob Daniel, Roots and Wings.

Nailing It Together: 1st, Nick Zoeller, Backroad Barnyards; 2nd, Denver Staib; 3rd, Jocelyn Levengood, Hopewell-Loudon Hog and Dairy.

Finishing Up: 1st, Brad Rine, Spirit of ’76; 2nd, Brad Zoeller, Backroad Barnyards; 3rd, Noah Nichols, Republic Rowdy Rednecks; Honorable Mention: Jasmin Levengood, Hopewell-Loudon Hog and Dairy.

Advance Wood: 1st, Mason Bollenbacher, Spirit of ’76; 2nd, Alijah Fuller.

Veterinary Science

Airedales to Zebras I: 1st, Reed Warnement, Kids, Pigs and Udders; 2nd, Katrina Williams, Roots and Wings; 3rd, Olivia Jacobs, Clinton Farmers; Honorable Mention: Emily Young, Eastern County Livestock; Chloe Wilkinson, Sew Sharp; Tricia Morr.

All Systems Go, Level 2: 1st, Danielle Kagy; 2nd, Makennah Rettig, Town and Country Critters; 3rd, Kylie Hemchak, Thompson Toilers: Honorable Mention: Hannah Williams, Doggon’Its; Casey Prenzlin, Seneca Helping Hands; Shelby Laughlin, Attica.

On the Cutting Edge, Level 3: 1st, Kayla Ward, New Riegel Rawhide and Woolies; 2nd, Megan McCoy, Bloomville Good Luck Sheep; 3rd, Kaitlyn Borer, New Riegel Rawhide and Woolies.

Senior Fair


Red Dry Grape: 1st, Michael Hammer, Fostoria; 2nd, Anthony Hammer, Fostoria; 3rd, Sharon Nagy, Port Clinton.

Red Dry Non-Grape: 1st, Sharon Nagy; 2nd, John Schumm, Tiffin; 3rd, Jim Weiker, Republic.

White Dry Grape: 1st, Sharon Nagy; 2nd, Anthony Hammer; 3rd, Scott Nagy, Port Clinton.

White Dry Non-Grape: 1st, Francis Miller, Tiffin; 2nd, Anthony Hammer; 3rd, Scott Nagy.

Ros: 1st, John Schumm; 2nd, Josh Schumm, Tiffin; 3rd, Scott Nagy.

Red Sweet Grape: 1st, Monica Miller, Tiffin; 2nd, John Schumm; 3rd, Scott Nagy.

Red Sweet Non-Grape: 1st, Robert Enders, Bloomville; 2nd, Scott Nagy; 3rd, Josh Schumm.

White Sweet Grape: 1st, Bill Enders, Bloomville; 2nd, Jim Weiker; 3rd, Sharon Nagy.

White Sweet Non-Grape: 1st, Monica Miller; 2nd, Josh Schumm; 3rd, John Schumm.

Red Dessert Grape: 1st, Josh Schumm; 2nd, Curt Bumb, New Riegel; 3rd, Sharon Nagy,

Red Dessert Non-Grape: 1st, Anthony Hammer; 2nd, Josh Schumm; 3rd, John Schumm.

Sparkling Red: 1st, Scott Nagy.

Sparkling White: 1st Scott Nagy; 2nd, Sharon Nagy.

Vegetable: 1st, Karen Bumb, New Riegel; 2nd, Curt Bumb; 3rd Francis Miller.

Best of Show: Josh Schumm with Red Dessert Grape; 2nd, Monica Miller with White Sweet Non-Grape.


Light Lager: 1st, Anthony Hammer; 2nd, Michael Hammer.

Dark Lager: 1st, Anthony Hammer; 2nd, Michael Hammer.

English and American Pale Ale and IPA: 1st, Eric Kuebler; 2nd, Michael Hammer; 3rd, Anthony Hammer.

American or English Brown and Red Ale: 1st, Michael Hammer; 2nd, Anthony Hammer.

Porter and Stout-Style: 1st, Eric Kuebler; 2nd, Anthony Hammer; 3rd, Michael Hammer.

Wheat and Rye: 1st Anthony Hammer; 2nd, Michael Hammer.

Scottish, Belgian and Sour Ales and Specialty Beers: 1st and 2nd, Eric Kuebler; 3rd, Anthony Hammer.

Best of Show: Eric Kuebler with English and American Pale Ale and IPA.

Crafts and Collections

Ceramics, Youth, Ages 12-17

Glazes: 1st, Lindsay Orians, Alvada.

Hobbies, Collections


Bells: 1st, Andrea Klime, Sycamore.

Animals: 1st, Susie Kelbley, Tiffin; 2nd, Jessica Lang, Tiffin.

Magnets: 1st, Candida Cunningham, Tiffin.

Jewelry: 1st, Sandra Huffman, Tiffin; 2nd, Shelby Reinhart, Tiffin.

Miscellaneous: 1st, Karen Beleny.

Youth, (Under 18 Years Old)

Animal Collection: 1st, Demonte Mitchell, Tiffin; 2nd, Brock Miller, Green Springs; 3rd, Allison Rhodes, Fostoria.

Dolls: 1st, Jaclyn Bour-Jones, Tiffin; 2nd, Julia Wildman, Tiffin.

Stickers: 1st, Jaclyn Bour-Jones.

Lego Collection Display: 1st, Sophie Norman, Republic; 2nd, Ryan Miller, Green Springs; 3rd, Austin Waxler, Arlington.

Jewelry: 1st, Myles Miller, Green Springs.

Button Badges: 1st, Cara Brown, Tiffin.

Miniature Farm Equipment: 1st, Rafe Norman, Republic.

Miniature Cars/Trucks: 1st, Zachary Rhodes, Fostoria; 2nd, Kole Russell, Tiffin.

Disney Items: 1st, Jaclyn Bour-Jones.

Miscellaneous: 1st, Denver Staib, Tiffin; 2nd, Lori Lutes, Tiffin; 3rd, Cara Brown.


Bird Houses: 1st, Emily Gilliland, McCutchenville.

Miscellaneous Crafts

Wreaths: 1st, Sandra Huffman; 2nd, Tammy Mullholand, Fostoria; 3rd, Emily Gilliland.

Flower Arrangements (Dried/Silk): 1st, Mercedes Snyder, Tiffin; 2nd, Emily Gilliland.

Holiday Decorations: 1st, Emily Gilliland.

Wall Hangings: 1st, Emily Gilliland.

Original, Other: Wilbur Jameson, Tiffin; 2nd, Tammy Mullholand; 3rd, Rita Yost, Fostoria.

Scrapbooks: 1st, Trisha Smith, New Riegel; 2nd, Candida Cunningham; 3rd, Mercedes Snyder.

Best Original/Other: Wilbur Jameson.


Cars: 1st, Austin Waxler.



Brass: 1st, William Shuey, Tiffin.

Pewter: 1st, Mary Steinhauser, Tiffin.


Earthenware: 1st, Karen Waxler, Arlington.


Pressed: 1st, June Obarr, Fostoria.

Bottles: 1st, Mary Steinhauser.


Tools: 1st, William Shuey.

Books: 1st, Mary Steinhauser; 2nd, June Obarr; 3rd, Elizabeth Buko-Kiesel, Bloomville.

Bibles: 1st, Susie Kelbley; 2nd, June Obarr; 3rd, Kristen Waxler.

Postcards: 1st, June Obarr; 2nd, Susie Kelbley.

Miscellaneous Paper Goods: 1st, June Obarr.

Any Seneca County Item: 1st, June Obarr.

Any Not Listed: 1st, June Obarr; 2nd, Diana Hoover, Tiffin; 3rd, Elizabeth Buko-Kiesel.



Pressed: Mary Steinhauser.

Milk Glass: 1st, Kristen Waxler.


Cookie Jars: 1st, June Obarr.

Pottery: 1st, Mary Steinhauser.

Housewares: 1st, Mike Obarr, Fostoria.

Advertisements: 1st, June Obarr.

Any Not Listed: 1st, Mike Obarr; 2nd, Diana Hoover.

Seneca County Fair Memorabilia

Oldest Fairbook: 1st, June Obarr.

Scrapbooks: 1st, June Obarr.

Collection of Ribbons: 1st, Susie Kelbley; 2nd, Mercedes Snyder; 3rd, June Obarr.

Oldest 4-H Related Item: 1st, June Obarr.

Miscellaneous: 1st, June Obarr.



Junior Champion Female: Garrett Havens, Fremont.

Junior Reserve Champion: Tommy Hoover, Tiffin.

Senior Champion Female: Eric Havens, Fremont.

Grand Champion Female: Eric Havens.