Faculty association meets with board members

FREMONT – Members of the Terra Faculty Association met with the chair and vice chair of the board of trustees to discuss concerns and future of the college.

Mike Smithback, president of the TFA, said in a statement he and Michelle Younker “had a candid and, hopefully, fruitful discussion about the state of the college with respect to the focus and direction as provided by the administration, the bidirectional mechanism for future professional communication between the college and faculty, support for students, faculty, and staff with respect to financial aid, instructional and professional development and equipment needs and value of all employees discipline related opinions.”

The meeting took place July 2, following a formal request to meet during the board’s regular June meeting.

Board Chairwoman Nancy Grandillo said the concerns the association brought to her and Vice Chair Sandra Berlekamp were “typical concerns for a faculty association.”

Grandillo said concerns included a lack of core courses and steps to fill positions were not being performed quickly enough.

Grandillo said she and Berlekamp are to take the concerns to the full board in August to discuss the next steps.

Smithback said in the statement, “Since we are now awaiting response from the whole board membership we do not wish to elaborate. We anticipate the board reply in August and wish to continue the process in a professional manner for the benefit of the students and college.”