County board discusses EMS solutions in Bettsville

BETTSVILLE During their regular meeting Tuesday evening, Seneca County commissioners met in Bettsville and discussed shared emergency medical services in the county and other concerns.

Seneca County EMS Director Ken Majors said, “Our goal to push for community-based ambulance services has been well received.”

Bettsville Mayor Gary Harrison discussed his village’s possible plan to combine EMS services with Bascom Joint Ambulance District, as well as with Jackson and Liberty Townships, and potentially Pleasant Township.

Majors agreed with the plan.

“I still think joining [Bascom] would be the best option in the short term,” he said.

Majors did say Bettsville may see fiscal benefits in leaving a joint services agreement in the future, however.

Tim Lynch voiced concerns Bettsville would lose power over its own ambulance.

But Majors assured Bettsville would be able to keep its ambulance and local volunteer corps, even if it joined with Bascom.

Commissioner Fred Zoeller said there “seems to be more merits than downsides” to the townships joining forces to increase their volunteer staffing.

Majors also said the county’s recently replaced ambulance, a 1997 model, will be up for auction and could potentially bring the county up to $10,000.

Commissioners also discussed a plan to switch the county’s phone services from AT&T to Time Warner. Recently, the county discovered it was being charged more $10,000 per month for phone services by AT&T, and commissioners were unable to find someone in the company to cancel their contract.

Eventually, the county learned it could be reimbursed for the three months of additional charges, but only if it signed another contract with AT&T. The commissioners made no decision on future plans.

Also, the commissioners discussed a revised request for an additional $36,150 from the Seneca County Board of Elections. The elections board requested $13,400 for contract services and training of new employees, and $12,000 for supplies, among other things.

The commissioners agreed partial funding would be appropriate.

Commissioner Jeff Wagner stressed, however, the elections will go on as scheduled and additional funding will be given if it is needed.

In other business, the board approved:

An appropriation adjustment of $40.71 within the SFY14 Community Corrections Fund for 2014.

A supplemental appropriation of $60,843.50 within the Community Corrections PSI Writer Fund for 2013.

A resolution rescinding the board’s orders of July22- supplemental appropriation for the SFY14 Community Corrections Fund.

Bill vouchers.