Council talks city limits drainage issue

Members of Tiffin City Council discussed flooding issues on Continental Street during a Streets, Sidewalks and Sewers Committee meeting Tuesday.

Tiffin resident Bill Arnold requested a storm sewer be extended to his property on Continental Street. In a letter, he said it should have been part of the Miami Street storm drainage project completed about 15 years ago. He also said the property is being assessed for a storm sewer associated with the Miami Street drainage project but remains wet and unusable.

Arnold said an engineering firm prepared a plan for the extension to see if any issues would exist in doing the project. He also said he has brought in dirt to try to improve the property.

Other nearby properties have drainage and at the start of the project, he said, he understood all properties would have access to the storm drain in the right-of-way, he said.

City Engineer Mario Livojevic said residents are assessed to cover the Miami Street drainage project, which totaled about $2,000 in a 20-year assessment which is to end in 2018.

Livojevic also said about 20 percent of residents in the drainage area do not have direct access to the storm line, according to documents he found on the issue.

He said while assessing an issue such as flooding, all homes are assessed a fee regardless of whether they have a flooding problem.

“In assessing a drainage area, it’s considered everybody’s water … if (a property’s) in the drainage area and contributing to it, although a lesser number of people suffer the more severe effects of that water,” Livojevic said.

Livojevic also said the plan clearly defined that not every property has access to a storm line and the lines were installed to eliminate major problems.

Councilman Steve Lepard suggested utilizing the retention basin at the west end of Continental Street, but Arnold said there is not enough slope to allow for drainage.

The cost of the project lies on the developer, Livojevic said. Due to only the south side of the street being within the city limits, he also said the project would need approval from Hopewell Township trustees to receive access to the township-owned right-of-way.

He also said the city has a zoning permit for the basin, as it is on township property.

He estimated the project around $30,000.

Public Works Department could install a basin, but Mayor Aaron Montz said the department is behind on its work and it could be up to three years before it gets to it.

He also said he could not commit the department until he spoke with Superintendent Mike Hoffman.

Arnold said he would be willing to wait until Public Works could get involved.

The committee is to discuss the issue before moving legislation to council.

The committee also voted unanimously to accept two easements for the installation of the sanitary sewer on properties owned by Arnold and a neighbor and authorize Law Director Brent Howard to prepare legislation.