Clyde-Green Springs moves funds, buys computers

CLYDE – Clyde-Green Springs Exempted Village School Board of Education met Thursday morning for a special session.

District Treasurer Joyce Dupont reviewed the financials and reported the district ended the fiscal year with $964,000.

With the completion of the district’s Ohio School Facilities Commission project of renovating and building new schools, the district is required to transfer any savings and interest accrued to different funds. The principle in the Classroom Facilities Local Share Fund totaling $2,656,058.04 and the Classroom Facilities Local Share Interest Fund totaling $617,092.23 were approved for transfer into the Permanent Improvement Fund.

Members also approved purchasing 670 Chromebooks from Best Buy at a cost of $242 each, totaling $162,140 to be paid from the permanent improvement fund.

Next, they approved the purchase of 738 Chromebook cases from Higher Ground for $34.97 each, totaling $26,510 including $702.23 for shipping to be paid from the General Fund.

The board is to meet at 6 p.m. July 28.