Tiffin mayor to chair Republican party

Tiffin Mayor Aaron Montz was voted into the positions of central and executive committee chairman at the Seneca County Republican Central and Executive Committee meeting Thursday.

David Koehl has held the positions for the past two years, and had been Executive Committee chair for six years before that.

Montz said he has been active in the local party since he was 18 and first ran for mayor. After his unsuccessful bid for the seat, he was appointed to the committee and has worked with many of its members.

During a speech, Montz said many committee members and elected officials requested he run for the position. He said he found it “very humbling.”

As chairman, Montz said he hoped to bring integrity to the party and do his best to increase visibility. He also wants to focus on growing the awareness of the party by promoting it on social media such as Facebook and Twitter. To continue the growth, Montz said the group needs to attract young members.

“We need to get young people (and) get them involved if we want to have a future, or we’re going to be a dying party,” he said.

Montz said he would utilize the executive board in situations that may conflict with his position as mayor, such as elections where he may be contested. He said no elected official should go unchallenged and he would embrace other candidates as chairman.

Seneca County Commissioner Holly Stacy and former chairman Koehl also ran for the position of central committee chairperson. Stacy also ran against Montz for executive committee chairperson.

To fill out the elected body, Tiffin City Councilman Jim Roberts was elected as secretary, Deputy Director of the Board of Elections Jim Ehrman was elected as first vice-chairman, Stacy was elected as second vice-chairwoman, Nathan Somers was elected as treasurer and Paulette Miller was elected women’s chairperson.

In another appointment, Jean Eckelberry was appointed as Seneca County clerk of courts and was selected as the candidate for the position in the November election.

Eckelberry thanked the committee for the support and said she looked forward to the position.

“I am so lucky that (former Clerk of Courts Mary Ward ) has done such a great job in the office,” she said. “I’m very excited for the job.”

Seneca County commissioners appointed Eckleberry as interim clerk during a meeting May 27. She is to fill Ward’s unexpired term until the general election. Ward’s last day in office was May 30.

The committee also thanked Ward for her years of service to the county.