Sycamore siren operational

SYCAMORE – After reporting there were eight service calls in May, Police Chief Richard Blankenship announced the severe weather alarm has been fixed and was fully operational as of Sunday.

The alarm needed fuses, and the village ordered extra to have some in surplus. The alarm now has three sirens-tornado, fire, and one for if the village is under attack. Fire Chief Bryan Clouse suggested the village test the siren at least once a month in the evening, and said the village is to send information to the residents describing each alarm.

In his report, Village Administrator Chuck Clark gave hand-outs for two plans on the 8th Street project.

After some discussion, Councilwoman Dawn Needles suggested council have a Streets Committee meeting with the Sycamore United Church of Christ officials – who are affected by the project – and the residents to discuss options. The deadline for the project is the end of the year.

The opening for the pool still is undetermined as the effluent pump has come apart and needs repaired before the pool can be prepped. The village already has broken through to the area and started repairs, but the earliest it will be completed is Tuesday, barring other issues.

A price for spraying clover and weeds at Memorial Park has been set at $845.79, a price the village will split with the telephone company. The weeds will not be sprayed until after ball season.

Clark also reported the water plant is nearing completion, with some small, related projects being completed.

An electric project at 9th Street and Davis has left several residents in the dark at night and causing some night-time anxiety for a few residents. Clark stated that it should be completed within a week.

Council agreed to extend utilities secretary Marie Rotella’s hours to full time. The extention could mean the village administrator’s office is open Monday through Friday.

In fire news, Clouse said the village is in the process of selling old Engine 20 using the same website from which it bought the new engine. The site would earn commission but it would ease the process for the village to sell the old engine.

Squad 51 is out of service as the sirens aren’t working, though the repairs are simple and it should be back in service this week. The back-up squad is being used.

Fireworks are set for June 28 at dusk, with a rain date of June 29.

Village Solicitor Jim Gucker recommends having a meeting on EMS billing to determine who has yet to pay and who has Medicaid waivers. He also said he hasn’t heard from Myron Jackson lately about the issue on 10th Street with his property and city lines. Clark said Jackson still was working on a proposal for the problem. Council went into executive session after the meeting to discuss the matter.

Council is to meet at 7:30 p.m. June 24, with a finance meeting an hour before.