Sycamore pool could open July 4

SYCAMORE – At a village council meeting Tuesday night, Sycamore Administrator Chuck Clark said the initial repairs for the pool pump and piping have been completed. Astro Pool came to repair a crack in one corner of the pool as well as other small leaks, costing $2,900.

Bobby Campo poured the cement to cover where Clark had removed the concrete to check the pump, with materials and labor costing another $600, though it needs a week to dry before another leak test can be performed Monday. If there are no further leaks, the village can begin filling the pool Monday with an estimated opening date of July 4, nearly a month later than the usual opening date of the second week of June.

Councilwoman Dawn Needles expressed concern over the employment status of the lifeguards and pool managers and wondered if they had been kept in the loop regarding the pool opening. Council President Vicki Weininger said she and Marie Rotella recently had spoken to them, but Clark said he was to have Rotella contact them Wednesday to make sure they still are interested, though it would be understandable if they had found employment elsewhere.

Councilwoman Darcy Zimmerman asked if season passes still would cost the same, and Councilman Tony Flood suggested calling a Parks Committee meeting to discuss it. Clark said the pool isn’t losing much time as July is the busiest month, and that it still would be lucrative to keep prices the same.

In other news, L & L Pavement completed its road patching, at a cost of $6,850. Also, Councilman Ralph Decker and Clark met with United Church of Christ representatives who chose the 8th Street plan with angled parking in front of the church. Holes need to be drilled in the street soon to determine the plan and materials needed to begin the project. The final plan design needs to be chosen next week.

The water plant still is having issues with leaks and discolored and cracked blocks, but the cabinets and countertops have been installed. Sands Decker is to be at the plant today to do a survey.

Zimmerman told Clark a resident on South Sycamore Street has concerns about fast-moving traffic near the alley on Griffin Street and inquired about possibly moving a traffic sign to the area to warn drivers of children playing in the area. Clark asked her to mark the spot where they’d like to see it placed, but cautioned her it may not fix the issue.

Weininger discussed a string of vandalism the village encountered at the Community Park public restrooms in the past couple of months. Last Friday, vandals covered portions of the restrooms with mud, which Clark had to power-wash. The playground also was full of litter. The parks are used heavily during this season for baseball and the Peewee Girls Tournament that began last Thursday brings many people from out of the area. Until the village can buy surveillance cameras for outside the restrooms, the Parks Committee is to discuss other potential fixes. Weininger has some ideas that she’ll present to the committee at the next meeting.

Clark said the restrooms have not been locked at night due to lack of time and manpower. Needles volunteered to lock them at night. Flood said law enforcement needs to be involved as it is a criminal act.

In his report, Fire Chief Bryan Clouse said the tornado siren is to be tested the third Monday of each month, and that the village still is trying to decide whether to continue using the Utilities Office siren as a severe weather siren or to just use it as a noon-time siren.

In new business, the fire station applied to receive a grant from the Ohio Department of Public Safety Division for EMS purposes and was awarded a grant for $5,250, which is to cover training and equipment. Purchases must be made July 1-June 30, 2015, and will be completely reimbursed.

The Independence Day celebration is Saturday at Legion Field with fireworks beginning at dusk, weather permitting. The rain date is Sunday.

Finally, Clouse requested an executive session to discuss past-due EMS bills and the next step in the collections process. Upon reconvening, council members said they are to discuss the next steps with Village Solicitor Jim Gucker.

Council is to meet at 7:30 p.m. July 8.