Plans for SR 53 downsized

Seneca Regional Planning Commission discussed the future of possible improvements to SR 53 at its meeting Wednesday.

Seneca County Commissioner Fred Zoeller said that after meeting with the SR 53 Coalition, Ohio Department of Transportation and consulting firm DLZ, a list of proposed improvements along the route is to be completed soon.

Zoeller said it was determined SR 53 does not have the number of fatalities or amount of traffic needed to seek larger improvements. Focusing on long-term infrastructure issues such as adding passing lanes in county right-of-ways might increase traffic and improve chances of getting assistance, he said.

“My direction from ODOT … is that they want to do projects, but if you get on the radar on a long-term basis, then they can start chipping away at it and they think that’s a more feasible way to get things done than to try to be aggressive and try to tackle these large projects,” he said.

Seneca County Parks District Chairman Carl Miller said the district needs volunteers to continue park maintenance.

In other business, the commission voted unanimously to recommend any action the Pleasant Township zoning board deemed acceptable regarding a rezoning request from Steyer Enterprises.

The commission also voted unanimously to pay for the first year of the improved geographic information system for townships and villages in the hopes the entities would see the benefit of the improved system.