PARCC and MAP: Student assessments to change next year

At Monday evening’s Mohawk Board of Education meeting, Superintendent Ken Ratliff explained student assessment changes for next year.

Grades 3-8 are to take online PARCC tests twice during the year. PARCC stands for Partnership for Assessment of Readiness for College and Careers.

The district would need to purchase six mobile carts of computers to administer the tests. These tests would take the place of Ohio Achievement Assessments. The district is to continue to use the Measures of Academic Progress tests throughout the year to measure students’ progress. And third-graders still would need to meet the reading guarantee.

High school students are to take end-of-course tests in many of the Ohio Core subjects as well as the Ohio Graduation Test. Eleventh-grade students will be taking the ACT college entrance test.

The board approved a 2-percent salary increase for certificated staff, increasing the base salary to $29,666. A 2-percent increase also was approved for non-certificated staff, the administrator salary schedule and treasurer.

A three-year administrator contract was approved for Lori Bumb as elementary principal. This is a new position.

The board approved one-year contracts for Drew Bender, high school agriculture; Abby Gottfried, high school art; Megan Kemerley, high school chemistry/physics; and Calli Coppus, junior high and senior high math. Supplemental contracts also were approved.

The board took action to:

Set lunch prices: K-6, $2.25; 7-12, $2.75; breakfast, $1.50; hot bar, $3; adult, $3; student and adult milk, 40 cents.

Create a $200,000 “rainy day” fund from the General Fund.

Advertise for bids for the following projects: stadium visitor bleachers, field house and MCI paving, MCI roof project, compressor replacement for school chiller and resurfacing eight-lane track.

Approve Mohawk Community Library’s 2015 budget.

Set May 22, 2015, as the date for the graduation ceremony.

Accept Michael Saloiye’s resignation as chemistry/physics teacher.

Authorize a $300 stipend for Nelle Nutter for service as fuel adviser, to be paid from the program’s grant.