Just ducky

With help from an 8-year-old boy, Tiffin Fire Rescue Division personnel saved 11 ducklings trapped in a sewer drain Tuesday afternoon.

Ryan Koop was leaving The Ritz Theatre’s summer camp with his mom, Beth Koop, when he heard the ducklings quacking. The mother duck was standing in the grass above the grate for the drain, and Ryan looked down and saw the ducklings in the sewer drain.

“I thought, ‘Will they die?'” he recalled.

Beth made a few phone calls. She said that when she got in touch with the right place, “They came right out.”

Tiffin Fire Rescue Division personnel responded, and two crew members lowered themselves into the drain to rescue the ducklings.

“There’s two more,” Ryan told the crew members.

He said he was happy as he watched the rescue. He later got to hold one of the ducklings.

“They were very soft,” he said.

Rescue personnel placed the ducklings in a box as they were rescued. The box was placed near the nest, which was located in bushes near the wall of Elmwood at The Shawhan, so the ducklings could be reunited with their mother.

“She flew over to the river,” Beth said.

The trapped ducklings would have gone into the river had they kept moving in that direction.

“(It) drains out into the river through the river wall,” Capt. Jon Nutter of Tiffin Fire Rescue Division said.

Nutter told Ryan he appreciated his bravery. It’s “pretty awesome,” he said.