Green Springs EMS talk future

GREEN SPRINGS – Nine Green Springs EMS members attended Monday’s village council meeting to show their dedication to Green Springs and Adams and Pleasant townships.

“I know it’s being looked at to create an EMS district to get some funds, help us out, and pay some payrolls,” EMS Coordinator Russ Rogers said. “I think that would go a long way to get some extra people.”

EMT Justin Wallace also spoke for the group, saying, “I know you guys have had meetings with other entities, public, private, whatever it may be. We’ve got four people in school and we’ve got the new (ambulance) coming. Our numbers are growing. We’re here and we really don’t want to go anywhere. We’d be honored to serve for another 30 years.”

Wallace said daytime staffing remains the biggest issue for the EMS. He said some entities use a paid paramedic during daytime hours and rely on volunteers at night. He suggested paying a paramedic about $12 per hour during the day shift. He said a paramedic also would need an EMT-basic to assist in emergencies. The basic could be paid minimum wage.

EMT Bill Anderson suggested having local EMTs serve as paid daytime staff members instead of hiring an outside company to provide service.

“Instead of paying other people to do the job, pay the ones you have already. We know the area better than anyone else.” Anderson said, adding that geography is a problem for private EMS providers as they are not familiar with local roads and may take longer to respond to calls.

Mayor Adam Greenslade said no decision will be made without careful consideration.

“We’re trying to gather as much information as we possibly can without any preconceived ideas as to which way we’re going to go. We’re taking a step back to see all of the options and see what the best option is,” he said.

In other news, Village Administrator John Miller reported he received a quote from Bores Construction for a sewer line repair on Adams Street. The cost was $5,240 and would be paid from the street fund. Miller also said village employees are to remove the barbecue pit at the park because it is in disrepair.

In regards to smoke-and-dye testing of the sewer system, Miller said the village should hire engineering firm GGJ to test and map out the system. He would like to hire a part-time employee to assist the firm’s representative. No action was taken.

Greenslade said cemetery board members have not been getting back with him and do not show an interest in being involved in the cemetery. He suggested moving forward with having the village fiscal officer assume cemetery sexton duties.

Greenslade also thanked everyone who made the ceremony for the dedication of Lance Cpl. Jeremy Shock Highway a success. Greenslade thanked the Shock family for organizing the village’s Memorial Day ceremony.

A public hearing regarding the budget is set for 7 p.m. June 16. Council is to meet at that time.