Council OKs 2 alley vacations, rejects 1

Two alley vacation petitions and one rezoning petition were moved to Tiffin City Council, while one vacation petition was rejected during a Streets, Sidewalks and Sewers committee meeting Thursday.

The committee discussed the vacation of an east-west alley from Jefferson Street to another alley running from Circular Street to Hedges Street.

Petitioner Dan Vera said the vacation of the alley would make his property safer for children. Another alley provides access to garages, while the alley in question only accessed a garage on his property he said he intends to raze.

Tiffin Fire Chief Bill Ennis objected to the vacation, as the alley provides the best rear access to homes on Hedges and South Washington streets.

After a ladder truck tested the other alley’s access on Circular Street, Ennis said he could not support that alley as the primary access to the rear of the homes on South Washington Street.

Councilman Steve Lepard said if the alley was necessary for fire rescue, it should not be vacated.

The committee rejected the alley vacation petition.

The committee discussed a partial alley vacation filed by Sherrie Amory. The east-west alley runs next to her property on Elwood Street.

As no issues could be found in vacating the alley, the committee recommended the vacation to council.

The committee also discussed an amended alley vacation petition from Marilyn Seislove. The petition requested the vacation of the alley from Fulton Street to another alley off Coe Street.

The committee recommended the alley vacation to council as long as it was in compliance with the ordinance forbidding dead-end alleys.

The committee also discussed the petition for zoning changes and amendments to the property on the southwest corner of Earl Street and St. Francis Avenue.

The request was for rezoning from a single-family residential district to a multiple-family residential district. Councilwoman Lori Ritzler said the zoning amendment does not change the scope of the neighborhood.

The committee recommended the rezoning petition to council.