Carey OKs budget adjustments

CAREY – Carey school board Monday approved year-end budget adjustments for 2014 and approved temporary appropriations for 2015 at more than $23.5 million.

During the approval the monthly spending plan, Treasurer Karen Phillips said there was an unforeseen rise in special education costs.

“Purchase services went up $240,000 through May, largely due to special education and specific student costs,” Phillips said. She said spending on special education is expected to continue at that level.

The board also approved the transfer of funds from the Ag Test Plot Fund to the FFA Chapter Fund. Twenty-five percent of the proceeds from this year’s corn crop from the 32 acre plot, or $3,580, and an additional $4,000 were allocated for general chapter operations.

Carey Junior High/High School Principal Peter Cole gave the board an update on the results of the Ohio Graduation Test. Due to a change in the “at proficiency” percentage this year, which increased from 75 percent to 80 percent, math and science scores were below state proficiency level. Students averaged scores of 91 percent in reading, 78 percent in math, 90 percent in writing, 76 percent in science and 90 percent in social studies.

Cole said the 2014 test is a blended model that includes elements of the common core curriculum. The curriculum was introduced in 2010, but this is the first year it has been integrated into the OGT.

Remediation for math concludes Friday, with a retest set for Monday, and remediation for science is June 16-19 with the test June 20.

The board also approved personnel changes. A one-year limited contract was approved for special education teacher Natalie Ahlers, and contracts for Laura Hunt and Lynelle Lortz were changed from three-year limited contracts to continuing contracts.

The board accepted resignation of cook Sonia Carr effective May 13, and the retirement of secretary Sue Zender effective July 1. Zender was with the district for 18 years. A contract previously offered to Tonya O’Flaherty was withdrawn as the student she would have assisted transferred schools.

A resolution was added to the agenda to address policy changes. The junior high and high school student handbooks, as well as the athletic code of conduct and administrative guidelines were updated to include the district’s drug testing policy to be implemented in the fall.

In other news:

Superintendent Michael Wank set June 27 as the tentative date for the groundbreaking ceremony for the new school building.

Wank talked about meeting with technology coordinator Nick Rider for a new technology plan for teachers and students. He expects to have more information at the July 14 board meeting.

An anonymous donation of $1,500 was accepted for art, music and technology.