Bettsville to seek fire protection levy

BETTSVILLE – Meeting for a special session Tuesday evening, Bettsville council members declared their intention to proceed with the placement of a renewal fire protection levy on the Nov. 4 ballot, waiving the three-reading rule. The levy is to generate $19,237 annually.

Council discussed a new pay rate for police officers, agreeing to let Police Chief Brandon Bell to move forward with hiring part time officers offering $9-$12 per hour depending on experience, probation period and yearly evaluations. He is to present the recommended candidates to council for approval.

Members also approved a corrective ordinance to an unrecorded ordinance to vacate an alleyway immediately south of lots 262 and 263. Both ordinances are to be recorded with the county in order for a home sale to move forward.

The village continues to seek an organization willing to sponsor the beer garden at H.P. Eells Park for the Fourth of July celebration.

During council’s last meeting, it was decided to not make park forms available on the village website. Since that time, Councilman Stan Poe posted the forms on his personal website. Mayor Gary Harrison requested he remove them because council fears there will be double bookings on shelters. Poe stated he would remove the forms from his site.

Council is to meet in regular session at 6:30 p.m. July 1.